11. The narrator says “The only ice cube I want to see is in my glass of juice” because the entire story he
is explain how harsh the trip was. The reason is that in the first paragraph he states that “Storm-force
winds were blowing for days” In paragraph eleven he talks about how big the icebergs are “He talks
about growlers and the loud noises that they make.
12. The first journal entry is effective in creating a sense of adventure because he says that “Storm force
winds were blowing” Also he talks about how he finally gets to go on his Uncle Austin’s boat. He also
says that “They are wearing winter jackets in summer” Another thing that he says that the “Waved were
still crashing over the outer wall”
The Get Active Day that I am going to write the best report about my planning goal. Since this is a “Get
Active Day” I would make everyone walk or bike to school since that is very healthy to do. Instead of
staying inside all day during school doing math, language etc.… The entire day we would be playing
sports and doing fun active activates outside. For snacks the school could provide apples, bananas,
oranges, and water. During the end of the day the entire school could go for a “cool off walk” where we
walk around the school once and then the day is over.