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Science Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Template
Lesson Title: Natural Selection
Grade Level: 6th Grade
Subject: Life Science
Time: 1 Hour
Lesson Overview
Summary: Students will be using sets of beads and different colored backgrounds to carry out
“natural selection”. By reenacting natural selection students will become more familiar with the
process and know why species survive in different places.
Students will be able to...
Students will be able to define and describe
the process of Natural Selection and its
State Standard(s):
MS-LS4-4. Construct an explanation based on
evidence that describes how genetic variations
of traits in a population affects individuals’
probability of surviving and reproducing in a
specific environment.
Learning Plan
Hook/Intro/Phenomena: how will you get students engaged and started with the lesson
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWfyw51DQfU “Birds of Paradise”
What is Natural Selection?...Charles Darwin – The Finch Project
- Have students carry out natural selection.
Groups of 3, a recorder, a predator, and a timer.
Each group needs three different colored backgrounds (pieces of paper) and a tub of
gummies that matches each paper. Start with 5 of each color gummy on one of the
backgrounds. Have the timer arrange the gummies while the predator has their eyes closed.
When the timer says go the predator opens his or her eyes and picks the first gummy that he
or she sees and then closes the eyes again. This will be done 6 times. After 6 times, double
the amount of each colored gummy left on the paper. Then repeat the process again with 8
predator picks, then 10. Repeat this process with each background and have the recorder
write down the results of each “attack”.
How will students be assessed/evaluated
Each student will fill out a lab discussion on their own after completing the activity.
Needed materials/Technology
Documents, supplies, links, videos, etc….\
Lab Instructions/Discussion Packet
Charles Darwin PowerPoint
Construction Paper