GR5 WW Activities Choices 20190923

Word Work Directions
Monday | 09/23/19
Activities, Time
& Materials
1. In partnership of two or trio, take turn
reading each row of words aloud.
2. Check off each word on your own sheet
that you can read fluently (your partner
or partners must give you thumbs up to
indicate that you read it correctly!)
3. Ask for help with words you struggle
word AFTER trying hard first!
Partnership or trio
Individual, Partner or Trio
(One chart for each)
3 or more players
1. Read clue from each box.
2. Use the Fry Word List (List 4)
to search for all words that
match the clue.
3. Fill the box with all the
matching words you found.
4. Fill up all the boxes.
1) Master Wordsmith picks 5 special cards
to play with Fry or Dolch words.
2) Master Wordsmith sets the timer, starts
game and plays clockwise.
3) Read each word aloud (Voice Level 2)
and show it to group. If correct, keep
card. If incorrect, return card to bag.
4) Remove used special card from the
game and put it face down in the middle
of the circle.
5) If you pick a special card asking you to
pick another card or more and you
happen to pick a second special card,
the second special card doesn’t count
and must be returned to the bag.
Continue picking new card(s) instead.