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collective & compound

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A compound noun is a noun consisting of two or more words working
together as a single unit to name a person, place, or thing. Compound nouns
are usually made up of two nouns or an adjective and a noun, but other
combinations are also possible, as well.
Practice Drills
A. Circle the compound noun in each sentence.
1. The girls were playing softball at Veteran’s Park.
2. Amelia brought some balloons for Sam’s birthday.
3. Susan made some delicious cupcakes.
4. Dominic got a sunburn when he was at the beach.
5. I love to eat pancakes every morning.
B. Match the words from Column A to Column B to form compound nouns.
Write the letter from Column B on the space provided.
___ 1.bed
___ 2. tooth
___ 3. finger
___ 4. head
___ 5. smart
___ 6. book
___ 7. time
___ 8. hair
___ 9. dish
___ 10. baby
a. ache
b. shop
c. washer
d. table
e. room
f. sitter
g. cut
h. paste
i. board
j. print
Commonly Used Collective Nouns
cast - group of actors
bunch of grapes
staff - group of employees
deck of cards
army - group of soldiers
bouquet of flowers
tribe - group of natives
range of mountains
team - group of athletes
loaf of bread
class - group of students
bunch of keys
crew - group of sailors
clump of trees
board - group of directors
fleet of ships
choir - group of singers
audience - group of people listening
at a live concert or lecture
flock of birds
pod of whales
pack of wolves
pride of lions
gaggle of geese
band of coyotes
huddle of penguins
mob of kangaroos
hive of bees
colony of ants
bed of snakes
Practice Drill: Complete each sentence with the most appropriate collective
noun. Write your answers on the space provided.
1. Matt went to the grocery to buy a ___________ of grapes.
2. My house was invaded by a ____________ of ants.
3. When I was diving, I saw a ____________ of fish swimming together.
4. I gave my mom a ____________ of flowers on her birthday.
5. A ____________ of lions is not something I would want to disturb!
6. My friend and I walked to the river to feed a ____________ of geese.
7. I want to buy a ____________ of bread.
8. We saw a ____________ of ships in the harbor.
9. The ____________ of soldiers has marched away.