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Managing Animal Nutrition

Managing Animal Nutrition
Basic Agriculture Industry
• Nutrient: Lipid
• Purpose: Fats and oils that store energy
within the body.
Correct number: 3
• Nutrient: Water
• Purpose: Used to regulate body
Correct number: 1
• Nutrient: Protein
• Purpose: Allows the body to grow and heal
after energy.
Correct number: 4
• Nutrient: Carbohydrates
• Purpose: Sugar, Starch, and Fiber.
Provide energy for muscle movement.
Correct number: 2
• Nutrient: Vitamins
• Purpose: Small substances that perform
specific functions within the body.
Correct number: 6
• Nutrient: Minerals
• Purpose: Essential in skeleton growth.
Example, Calcium.
Correct number: 5