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Assignment 2BITH 111

Assignment 2
Due Date 10 October 2019
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a) Write equivalent predicate statements for the following English statement
Every teacher loves some painter
Some painter loves some teacher
Every teacher who is also a painter loves Bob
b) If you send me an email, then I will finish my program. If you do not send me an email, then I will go
to sleep early. Therefore If I go to sleep early. Is this argument valid
c) Find the inverse of the following matrix
d) Consider the following matrices A and B
a) Find the values of x , y and z given that
7x + 2y + z = 21
3y − z = 5
−3x + 4y − 2z = −1
a) Simplify the Boolean expression (A+B)( A +B) B
e) Simplify
and draw the resulting gate