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III. Performance Task (Photo Analysis)
Instructions: Examine the photo shown to the class . Form four groups which corresponds to the
social issue identified (number of members per group may vary). The group members will choose
a leader who will facilitate the task/s for the group activity. Each group shoul identify key issues
or problems in society as refleted in the photo. Cosolidate all the responses, and see how the
social sciences perspective can be used to examine/address said key issue or problem. Make sure
thet the steps by which the social issue is addressed follows scientific method. Complete the
following table and then sharee your answers with the class.
Photo Analysis of Social Issues
Based on the picture below, identify one major social issue or problem that greatly affects
the Philippine society. Explain the social sciences can be used to address this issue or social
Social Issue / Problem
Importance of using social sciences
perspective in addressing the social issue or
Activity 3
Student Body
Instruction: Think about your student council at your school or university. Your task is to identify
at least three manifest ( recognized and intended consequences) and three latent ( unrecognized
and unintended consequences) functions of your student government. Once you have identified
these functions , you are required to identify social dysfunctions, anything that you think may
disrupt the organization and processes of your student council. These social dysfunctions may be
independent or dependent on the manifest and latent functions identified.
Worksheet 3
Student Body
Manifest Functions of the
Student Council
Latent Functions of the
Student Council
Social Dysfunctions to the
Student Council
Was it difficult to identify functions and dysfunctions of
your Student Council ? Why or why not?
Processing Questions
Based on your answers , do you think that change is
needed in your Student Council? In what aspects , and
towards what directions?
Activity 5
Green Alert
Instruction: Identify one environmental issue or problem in your community or village. Walk and
look around your community while observing the environmental problem that you identified.
First, identify the areas in your community where problem is visible. Locate them in your
community or village map.Next, locate the areas that are not very much affected by the problem.
Then compere these two areas and sets of data. Can you see any pattern or trend? Are those
marked areas near or proximate to each other?
With the information / data you have, analyze the nature and degree of the problem ,
analyze its causes and impacts on you and your family as well as your community or village. For
cause, identify political, economic, and socialculturl factors/ causes . For impacts, identify
consequences for or implications on health and well-being, economic security, and peace and
order in your community or village.
Examples of environmental issues or problems that you may wish to explore include , but
are not limited to,(1) waste disposal and/ or collection; (2) drainage and sewage; (3)
pollution(air,water,noise) (4) migrant population; (5) industrial sites and waste; (6) public
transport system;(7) mining activities ; (8) quarrying; (9) deforestation(10) fault line .
Please write your analysis or assessment by completing the information required in the
following table.
Worksheet 5
Green Alert
Your community’s environmental issue/problem is
Health and well-being
Economic Security
Peace and Order
Processing Questions:
Is there something that you can do now to avert the negative impacts on your community?
Why or why not? Please suggest a solution to the problems, and outline your plan on how to do it .
Activity 6
I Swear
Instructions: Worksheet No . 6 lists a number of scenarios that put you in in various “crisis”
situations or dillemas . Each poses a temptation that you can either resist or give in to. The
question is, what will you do when faced with that dilemma ? Please write and explain your
answers in the worksheet provided below.
Worksheet 6
1. At the airport, you
saw a woman
dropped her passport
while getting into the
taxi. You got the taxi’s
plate number.
2. You wanted to go
home but the queue
for taxi is long and it
is raining . A stranger
offered you a ride
3. A friend told you a
secret. Another friend
is asking you to share
with him/her the
4. You aren’t prepared
to take the exam, but
you cannot afford to
fail in the exam. A
friend offered you the
answer key to the
What will you do?
5. Your parents will be
away for the
weekend. You were
asked to stay home
until they are back.
6. You wanted a new
cell phone but your
mother gave you her
old mobile unit.
7. You saw your friend
cheat in the exam .
She/he helped you in
a previous school
8. On campus , you
witnessed an older
student bully a
younger student. The
older student is as big
as you.
9. You love dogs. You
saw someone hit a
dog with a stone.
10. You were served with
pork or beef, but you
don’t eat any kind of
meat. You are hungry
and you are guest.
Processing Questions
Do you hesitate for a moment in answering
each item on the list? Why or why not?
How did you feel while thinking about what
you will do? What guided you when you made
your decision?
Has any of these situations happened already
in the past? Did you take the same
action/response? Why or why not.
Do you believe in the inherent goodness of a
person ? Why or why not?
Activity 5
Green alert read beffore answerr