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Short Story Argument Essay


Short Story Literary Analysis Essay

Prompt: How do three of the authors use literary devices to create a common theme?

For this writing assignment, you will write a literary analysis essay over three of the literature pieces we’ve read in class. You will select three common literary elements that all the texts contain.

Essay due: Oct. 2/3

This paper should:

 be organized. Your essay needs a clear introduction, as many body paragraphs as you feel necessary (at least 3-one for each element), and a conclusion.

 be in MLA format, which includes a works cited page. include carefully chosen and internally cited textual evidence. use words and phrases to transition between points and paragraphs. establish and maintain a formal style appropriate to the topic and audience. be sophisticated and insightful!

4-5 pages


September 26/27: Assign essay & outlining time

September 28/1: Workday

October 2/3: Essays with a Works Cited due

As you are writing, please keep in mind that the following words and phrases are ones that

Caruth and Jackson despise, and if you use them, you may jeopardize your grade.

this shows… he says/said in conclusion… first, second, third a lot very the quote… in the quote… you

I/me/my in the story… good/bad

NOTE: Transitions are important, but they should be used in a way that creates voice in your paper, not detracts from it.

Struggling with how to make an effective introduction and conclusion? That’s okay--hooks and final thoughts tend to be the hardest pieces to write in an essay. Here are some effective, engaging ideas on how to start and finish your paper.

NOTE: Whatever you choose for either, there should be a connection between the two.

Start out with a(n):

-startling fact, or statistic

-engaging anecdote or imagined scenario

-description of the topic but do not name it

-relevant or startling contrast

-musing about the paper’s subject

-historical background on the issue

-controversial idea to be refuted

-metaphor or analogy

-challenge or defense a worldview

End with a(n):

-call for action


-deduction from the facts presented

-strong contrast

-dismissal of an opposing idea

-final illustration

-similar strategy used in introduction

-solution to a problem

-analogy or comparison