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When do you think Catholic Church History began

When do you think Catholic Church History began? What would be the difference
between Biblical and Church History? What are three significant things you think you
know about Catholic Church history? Why do those significant events stand out for you
over other events?
I do not know when Catholic Church history began. I think it begins when Jesus dies and Peter
takes over for him, teaching and preaching and serving. I think that the difference between
Biblical history and Church history is that Biblical history covers the time before Jesus’ birth and
all of the Old Testament stuff. Biblical history goes back much further than Church history.
Three significant events that I know about Church history are a) the first crusades b) the second
crusades and c) the Spanish inquisition. These events stand out from other events because they
are times when Christianity was spread forcefully.
Peter named the rock; Jesus’ birth; Pentecost is the Church’s birthday when the
Advocate/Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles in tongues of flame (book of Acts:
where Biblical History and Church History meet)
People who wrote the Bible and the stories in it; Bible teaches a lesson, teachings of
Jesus, Church History is the people IN the Church, both successes and failures.
Catholic Church
o Crusades: Deus Vult
o The Great Schism: Roman Catholics separate from the Eastern Orthodox
o Protestant Reformation
 Martin Luther
 Henry VIII
o Religious Wards
 Ferdinand didn’t like how Henry separated
o Spanish Inquisition
o Missionary work in the Americas
 Jesuits and Franciscans
o Legalization of Christianity
 Ended the first wave of martyrs in the Church
o Fall of Rome