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The brain benefits of deep sleep -- and how to get more of it
Most of the people know that poor sleep poor sleep makes us make risky, rash decisions and is linked to
diseases. Not only that, we have a hard time relating to others and just generally being a good and
healthy person when we're sleep-deprived.
I can’t agree with the speaker more. I am a light sleeper. Frequently, I spend 20 to 30 mins to fall asleep
even I sleep late or incredibly tired. When I was a university’s student, I constantly went to the bed at
00:00 and woke up 6:30 for 2 weeks. After which, I easily got angry with other classmates. One of
classes I had to team up with any 5 students to do an experiment. I couldn’t communicate with them
and accept their ideas. I not only screw up the experiment but also ruined good vibe in our course.
When I studied in Iloilo last month, hanging out and drinking with other students was my essential
schedule everyday. Initially, I slept lately but maintained the same wake up time it was nothing
happened. Gradually, I became pessimistic, lost concentration, my brain not worked well and rash
determination and so on. I couldn’t understand what teachers was saying and replied teachers
questions correctly. After that, I try to have enough sleep that I did feel different. I had a good mood,
improve my memory and even I regretted what I made the decision when I hadn’t had a enough sleep.
Sleeping impact people life extremely. In the long run, lacking of deep sleep not only effect our mental
but also lead to severe fatigue and increase the risk of cardiovascular, disease, and obesity. We should
do our best to give enough time and good quality for sleep. Terrible exacy