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10.1 Utilization

10.1 Fundamentals of organic
There are many links to 'Utilization' in Topics 10.
For example, the use of
alkanes as fuels
alcohols as fuel additives
alkenes in the ripening of fruit.
Esters for food flavorings, perfumes and solvents.
Plastics industry
When the price of crude oil changes it not only affects the cost of fossil
fuels but also a huge range of other materials such as plastics and
drugs for which crude oil acts as the feedstock
• addition polymers are mentioned in the
(sub-topic 10.2 Alkanes, alkenes &
addition polymers).
• Social linking:
make a list of all the plastic materials you
come into contact with on a daily basis
• Environmental Linking:
how do you dispose of plastics?
• Choose any of the following:
- Dyes
- Pesticides
- Herbicides
- Explosives
- Soap
- Cosmetics
- Synthetic scents
- Flavorings
Give a drawing of the organic compound;
label the different functional groups, list the
products used, and its environmental impact
if applicable.
In Pairs
• Use A3 paper and colored paper to
prepare a poster.
• Example of topics:
- The Chemistry of Nail Polish
- The Chemistry of Stain Removal
- The Chemistry of Candy
- The Aroma of Roses
- The Chemistry of Strawberry
- The Chemistry of Jam Making
- The Chemistry of coffee