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Study Plan

Study Plan
My name is Durbek Yusupov - a proud junior student of University of World Economy and Diplomacy in
Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Proudly, I have recently become a person who accepted invitation for 5 month-long
study stay from Faculty of Economics in UE in Bratislava. Therefore, I am waiting my study there with great
enthusiasm. I am planning to continue my research further in my field in that University for my Master`s
degree since following study stay can create real view of the University of Economics in Bratislava.
Introduction of my academic background
As I mentioned above, now I am studying as a third year student in the faculty of International Economics
and Management Faculty in the University of World Economy and Diplomacy which is the number one
High school in its sphere. It always motivates me to be a better somehow most dynamic student among
others during my undergraduate studies, plus to be involved in many extracurricular activities. For
instance, I participated inner activities such as General Prospective and UWED MUN which is only for
certain students possessing scientific and practical analyzing ability and good experience of doing research
projects. Precisely, I did a great job in the popular project named “How different cultures influence their
system of Economy” proving how my interest in Economics is strong and distinctive. Practically, I have
done several internships as being social researcher in the local research company that gave me high
confidence in my myself.
Why do I choose to study in Slovak Republic and NSP
I, personally, interested in learning different Economic systems and their history of maintenance. Hence,
Slovakia has a very perfect middle location in Europe providing an unusual chance for me to continue my
own project on learning Economy of European countries. On this way I chose NSP because the fact that it
covers almost all costs and brings international students all around the world close together. Besides that,
I will have beneficial experience of brand-new country with incredible new outlooks and customs.
Additionally, I would have an opportunity to make lifelong friends from different backgrounds and to bring
out my independent nature by discovering myself. These are probably my main goals from the study in
Why do I choose University of Economics in Bratislava
University of Economics in Bratislava is one of the top universities in Slovakia. As University provides all
kinds of subjects of Economics and holds so many professionals and masters in this area I find it so
attractive and unique. Moreover, it is the place where I can have the opportunity to interact and train
with the best future economists who come from different countries.
Detailed study plan
I will proceed my next semester of study in UE in Bratislava. Agreed length of study stay is 5 month starting
from September 2nd ,2019 till February 7th 2020. During my study stay I will focus on studying Economy of
European countries and principles of their economic models. The subject arrangement of the study is
listed as follow:
1. Macroeconomics 2 (6 credits) – I would like to focus on understanding the reason for the
fluctuations and ensuring the maximum level of employment and income in possible countries.
2. Financial Control (6 credits) – I would like to learn deeply this subject as the analysis of a
company's actual results, approached from different perspectives at different times, in
comparison with its short, medium and long-term objectives and business plans.
3. Law of International Trade (5 credits) – I would like to learn about different agreements on tariffs
and trade and trade organizations (especially in the frame of UN)
4. E-business (4 credits) – I would like to study basic principles of e-business and e-commerce since
I really keen on with the subject. However, I have fairly enough practical vision of e- business as a
free trader in the OLEX global online marketplace.
5. Application of on-line tools small business (3 credits)– I would like to learn the subject as it
sounds quite different and new to me. I am willing to study something very original.
6. Economy of European Union (5 credits) – I would like to put most effort of my study on this
subject as my own research field is going to be European part of Economy.
I will attend extra discussions after lessons besides participating all lectures and seminars. During my study
in Slovakia I am planning to visit Matej Bel University, personally Mgr.ing. Gabriela Kormachova, PhD.
(vice-dean for International Relations faculty of Economics) and Prof.Dr. Jaroslav Usiak (vice dean for
faculty of Political Science and International Relations) for further advice on research about EU.
My plans after completing the study
I hope the study in Slovakia makes me expert in my field and benefits in building my future career.
Moreover, after finishing the courses, I think I will have had an impeccable knowledge and great source
of information about EU to do my Bachelor`s thesis on the same topic in my University. However, I go
back to Slovakia with high probability as I referred in the beginning I have a desire to get my Master`s
degree there.
Date: April 27, 2019