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Pantomime Rubric

Music Pantomime Scene Rubric
Period: _______
(Score 0 if element is absent)
Below Expectations
Scene Title: _____________________________
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
Scene Fluency
(Did you perform the scene as described in the
prompt? Was there a beginning, middle, and end
to the scene? Did everyone participate?)
No solid structure to the scene, the scene
did not match the prompt, some members
did not participate
Scene performed as described, plot was
discernable, everyone participated
Scene went beyond the prompt, clear
structure of plot, each participant played a
significant role
Actions were rushed and confusing.
Objects, places, or emotions were unclear.
Decisions seem to be spontaneous and not
thought out.
Actions were exaggerated and clear
enough to portray objects, places, and
emotions. Each decision had a beginning,
middle, and end.
Actions were clear, exaggerated, and went
beyond just portraying an object, place or
emotions, but went more into detail. Each
decision clearly had a beginning, middle,
and end.
Sizes, shapes, and placement were
inconsistent and unclear throughout the
Sizes, shapes, and placements were mostly
consistent and clear throughout the scene.
Sizes, shapes, and placements remained
consistent throughout the scene.
Participants chose minimum effort in
creating the scene.
Participants were able to add a creative
story line to the prompt and used all
Participants went above and beyond in
creating a story line that involves the
prompt and/or creating objects and
relationships within the scene
The music does not reflect the story and it
was not used to aide actions in the scene.
The music and scene complement each
other and a few motifs/rhythms were used
to aide actions.
The music and scene fit very well together
and the participants used every opportunity
for the musical motifs to aide their
physical actions.
(Were your actions exaggerated enough? Were
you able to effectively portray the object, place,
or emotion? Was there a beginning, middle, and
end to your decisions?)
(Did your shapes stay the same? Size?
Placements of objects? Did you walk through
(Did you add to the scene? Did you create an
environment or object not listed on the prompt?
Were you able to use all participants in a
creative way?)
Use of Music
(Did the mood of your scene match the mood of
the music? Did you use any of the musical
motifs or rhythms to your advantage?