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Consulting Math Drills Short Questions P

Consulting Math Drills
Short Questions
Short Questions
Consulting Math Drills – Short Questions
Practice Package Overview and Instructions
This practice package has been developed to provide samples of the actual Math calculations
candidates have to perform throughout the Management Consulting Recruiting process including
the entrance test (E.g.: McKinsey Problem Solving Test, BCG Potential Test) and case
interviews. This package assesses your ability to accurately and quickly calculate business math
problems. This practice package contains 300 short math questions.
All questions in this package are Short Math questions. Each situation usually has one question
and requires one calculation to solve.
Remember that of the two criteria (1) accuracy and (2) quickness, accuracy is more important in
case interviews. Interviewers would rather allow more time for candidates to perform
calculations correctly than get quick but wrong answers. In entrance tests (McKinsey PST or
BCG Potential Test), a balanced approach should be targeted. Since the time allowed in those
tests are very tight, slowing down to get perfectly accurate answers may not be beneficial.
While completing this practice package, do no use any electronic devices (e.g., calculator,
computer) when performing calculations to answer the questions.
Depending on your purpose of using this package (for Case Interview Prep or for Entrance Test
Prep), the appropriate methods for using this package are different.
Case Interview Prep: Divide your practice into small hurdles, 5 or 10 questions each.
Target 100% accuracy. Any score less than 100% is considered as failed. When you can
consistently pass hurdles, try to reduce the time. You may practice calculating out loud
as if you are presenting your calculation to interviewers.
Entrance Test Prep (McKinsey PST or BCG Potential Test): Divide your practice
into small hurdles, 5 or 10 questions each. Only allow yourself 30 – 45 seconds per
question (start with 45 then gradually moving down to 30). Then try to increase the
number of correct answers within the pre-targeted time allowed.
Please let us know if you have any doubts about any question or answer key. Good luck with
your studies!
Hurdle 1
Short Questions
Q1: Retail Division accounts for 40% of Maritime bank’s profit. If the bank wants to grow its
overall profit by 15% only through the Retail Division, by how many percentage does this
division’s profit have to grow?
Q2: Apple sold 45 million mobile devices over the last year. 35% of which were iPhones.
How many iPhones were sold?
Q3: Trans & Company has three divisions: Outsourcing, Music Teaching, and System
Builder. Revenue of each division is: 40 thousand (US Dollars), 1.3 billion (VND), and 400
million (VND) respectively. Calculate the Revenue Share of each division in Trans & Company
(in %). Exchange rate: $1 = 20,000 VND
Q4: Revenue of a Nike factory is $1.4 billion. Variable Cost is 30% of Revenue. Fixed cost is
$600 million. What is the profit margin (in %) of that factory? Round up your answer to the
nearest whole number.
Q5: Amsterdam Hedge Fund invests $3 trillion and gets $750 billion in return in the first year.
If Amsterdam Hedge Fund can maintain that performance (Return on Investment), how much
return (dollar value) will they get during the five years after they invest $5 trillion? Assume that
the rate of return is compounded yearly.
Q6: Pacific Place is a newly built office building with 23,000 m2 of office space. The
building management is to rent out spaces at the rate of 100 m2 per day. How many months will
it take for the building to be fully occupied? Round up your answer to the nearest whole number.
Q7: In a credit process center (CPC) of a big bank, there are 5000 applications to be
processed within a month. Each application takes 45 minutes to complete. How many clerks does
this CPC need to hire? Assume each clerk works a typical schedule (8 hours per day, 5 days per
Q8: I see on your resume that you wrote 18 songs during the period of 2005 - 2008. So how
many days did it take you to write a song on average? Round up your answer to the nearest
whole number.
Q9: I spent $100 on gas for a 300-mile one-way trip from LA to Vegas. I drove a Honda
Accord at 25 mpg (miles per gallon). What was the gas price on that day?
Short Questions
Q10: This department gives each employee 3 months of fixed salary for bonus annually. The
HR (Human Resource) decides that the total annual compensation is $30,000 for each employee.
How much is the monthly fixed salary
Q11: A vending machine has four types of soft drinks: Pepsi, Fanta, 7UP and Mountain Dew.
Sales for each type are $1040, $780, $550 and $ 930, respectively. Calculate the Revenue Share
(in %) of each type of drink that the vending machine has. Round up your answer to the nearest
whole number.
Q12: A furniture store sold 150,000 pieces of furniture last year, 45% of which were wooden
chairs. How many wooden chairs were sold?
Q13: Madam Yong’s Massage Salon made $3.6 million of revenue in 2010. She rented the
building for $125 thousand per month. Profit margin of the salon equals 35%. Calculate Variable
cost. Assume that Rental is the only Fixed Cost.
Q14: This year the number of candidates who applied into the McKinsey Singapore office was
261. If the ratio of rejected candidates to received ones is 5:4, how many more rejected
candidates than received candidates were there this year?
Q15: A car, after being taken to the garage, consumes 30% less fuel. If it used to consume 22
gallons per mile before, how many gallons per mile does it consume now?
Q16: The ticket fare of JetStar airline for the Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City trip has dropped from
$35 to $15. How many percent has the fare dropped by? Round up your answer to 1 decimal
Q17: Advertising cost takes up 30% of Mr.Tran & Co.’s expenses. The company paid 85% of
advertising expenses in 2011 and the rest in 2012. The total expense of the company in 2011 was
$570,000. Calculate advertising expenses paid in 2011.
Short Questions
Q18: John works 45 hours per week for a consulting firm. His three main tasks are: Gathering
data, Analyzing and Writing Report. He allocates his time for those three tasks by a ratio of
2:4:3. How many hours per week does he spend on Gathering data?
Q19: Fonterra charges a 40% markup on milk supply from dairy stores. A dairy store charges a
25% markup on milk bought from Fonterra. By how many percent has the original price been
Q20: Donald owns 15% of International Ink Inc.’s shares at a price of $20 per share. If the total
number of shares equals 830,000 how much are Donald’s shares worth?
Short Questions
Hurdle 2
Q21: Train ticket for Ho Chi Minh City – Nha Trang one-way trip costs $400,000VND per adult
and $250,000VND per child and the rates are the same for a Nha Trang – Ho Chi Minh City oneway trip. How much does a family of 2 children and 2 adults have to pay (in USD) for their twoway trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang? 1USD = 20,000VND
Q22: A hotel has 35 rooms of 30 m2 and 15 rooms of 40m2 and 5 rooms of 55 m2. It takes one
day to build 10 m2. How many days did it take to finish this hotel?
Q23: John can make burgers at the average speed of 10 seconds each. In a day, he works for 6
hours at McDonalds with a 5-minute break every hour. What is the maximum number of burgers
he can make per day?
Q24: In 2011, Reuters earned $20 million from advertising. 65% of that amount will be paid in
2012. How much money did Reuters receive from advertising in 2011?
Q25: A lemonade mix consists of 32 liters of lemon juice and 100 liters of water. If an extra
amount of 40 liters of lemon juice is added, what is the new percentage of lemon juice in the
Q26: Bill has been driving a taxi for the last few years, everyday including weekends and
holidays. His taxi has a depreciation rate of 15% of historical cost per year. At the end of the 5th
year Bill sold his taxi for $5000 and broke even. How much did he buy the taxi for in the
Q27: Mrs. Dorris has a savings account of $750,000 at an interest rate of 0.4% per month. What
is the return on this investment (in dollars) per month and per year?
Short Questions
Q28: In 2010, Australia exported 500,000 tons of wool, which were worth 3.5 billion AUD. In
2011, the exported amount increased by 20% compared to that in 2010. How much did Australia
earn by exporting wool in 2011?
Q29: A microwave costs $100 to produce. The producer made a total profit of $6 million by
selling microwaves. If the mark-up percentage is 120%, how many microwaves did the producer
sell? (Mark-up percentage: the proportion of cost added to selling price)
Q30: Russia is the main gas supplier to a lot of Eastern European countries. They charge 14,300
RUB for every 1000 m3 of gas. If Ukraine buys 200 million m3, Belarus buys 25% less than
that, and Albania buys triple the amount bought by Ukraine and Belarus combined, how much
does Russia make?
Q31: In the third-quarter of 2011, McDonalds’ net profit rose by 9% compared to that of the
third quarter of last year, but was forced to raise prices due to higher beef prices. Last year, the
third-quarter’s net profit was $1.2 billion, and beef expense accounted for 30% of net profit.
How much did McDonalds spend on beef during the third-quarter of 2011?
Q32: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous tourist attraction in Italy. Adult tourists pay 8 EUR
for each visit while children only have to pay 5 EUR. The annual maintenance cost for the Tower
is 500,000 EUR. If revenue from Children’s tickets takes up to 40% of Maintenance Cost, how
many adult tourists the does the Tower need to be visited by in order to break even?
Q33: In India, people sit on every part of the train because there is not enough space, making the
National Train Company suffer a loss on potential profit. The company loses an average of 30
rupees for anyone that does not sit in the coach. A given train is carrying 75% more than its
capacity of 720 passengers. How much does the company lose on this train?
Q34: During a random Sunday afternoon, it was counted in a Pizza Hut store that there were 60
customers, a -fourth of which ordered a Classic Pizza that costs $10. One-third of the remaining
customers ordered a Make-Your-Own Pizza that costs $15. The rest ordered a Medium Pizza of
$8 each. How much did Pizza Hut earn during that afternoon?
Short Questions
Q35: Music4Life is a CD store located in a big mall. In 2011 they generated $380,000 in revenue
from selling CDs. Operating expense was 15%, Administration expense 12% and Finance
expense 9% of revenue. Calculate the dollar value of each expense category and profit of
Music4Life in 2011.
Q36: The total cost of producing M&M boxes per month consists of $125,000 fixed cost and
$1.25 variable cost per box. The producer sells each box at $2.5. How many boxes will the
producer have to sell in order to break even?
Q37: Facebook, a famous social network, gains income mainly from advertising, around 90% of
total revenue. In 2011 they pulled a net profit of $500 million. Assume that the Revenue/ Net
Profit ratio is 1: 0.65 (for every dollar of revenue, 65 cents is contributed towards net profit),
how much did Facebook earn in terms of Advertising revenue?
Q38: In 2010, Kathmandu’s revenue was $850 million, 34% of which came from the Department
Store. In 2011, its revenue is increased by 35% compared to 2010, 40% of which came from the
Department Store. How much has revenue from the Department Store increased in dollar value?
Q39: In Egypt, tourists must pay to visit the pyramids. Ticket fares are $10 per adult and $4 per
child. The tour guide receives 40% of total ticket revenue. How much would the tour guide earn
per day if there were 2250 adults and 1450 children visiting the pyramids in one day?
Q40: Robin has a small takeaway stall. He sells noodles for $12 per box and fried rice for $13.50
per box. The carton boxes cost him $2 each. If he sold 1350 boxes of noodle and 1200 boxes of
fried rice, how much profit did he earn? Assume the only cost for Robin’s stall is the carton
Short Questions
Hurdle 3
Q41: Umbro sells a sport watch for $450. Revenue / Cost ratio is 1: 0.34 (for every dollar of
sales 0.34 cents is contributed towards cost). Umbro spends 38% of the remaining profit on
developing materials. When selling a $450 watch, how much does Umbro spend on developing
Q42: 40 Razer mouses were bought by a new Internet Café for $80 each. After 15 months the
Internet Café sold the mice for a total of $2560. How much of the purchase price did each mouse
get depreciated per month, in percentage?
Q43: Suppose that MConsultingPrep.com has a visitor every 8.5 minutes. 45% of the visitors are
first-time guests, who spend 15 minutes browsing the page. In one day, how many minutes are
spent by first-time visitors to browse MConsultingPrep.com? Round up your answer to 2 decimal
Q44: At a famous French restaurant, customers can enjoy the chef’s special ice-cream at $100
per scoop, with a choice to pay an extra $30 to use a silver spoon. Out of 75% of the customers
who ordered the ice-cream, 60% chose to use the silver spoon. In one night, there were 580
customers, how much did the restaurant earn from the chef’s ice-cream?
Q45: Sarah sells three types of surfboards at $100, $250 and $380 each. The purchase ratio of
these three types is 2: 3: 5 respectively. Last month Sarah sold a total of 120 surfboards. How
much money did she make?
Q46: On average, a Frenchman consumes 560,000 liters of water each year. That number for a
German is 430,000 liters and 120,000 liters for a Dane. The average price of water at these three
countries is $1.6 per liter. Calculate the ratio of water consumption between France, Germany
and Denmark in term of $ value, i.e.: amount paid for consuming water.
Short Questions
Q47: Data on the benefits and cost of an airport in 2009 are shown as follows:
Benefit: 91.32 million Euro
Investment Cost: 3.83 million Euro
Operating Cost: 7.03 million Euro
Calculate Benefit / Investment Cost, Benefit / Operating Cost and Benefit / Cost ratios. Round up
your answer to the nearest whole number.
Q48: A shoe factory has a maximum capacity of 12,000 workers. It started off with 1200
workers and recruited 280 new workers every month. After 6 months, the factory directors
decided to hire 375 new workers every month. After another 6 months, they decided to hire 460
new workers every month. How many months will it take (from the very beginning) the factory
to reach its maximum capacity? Round up your answer to the nearest whole number.
Q49: I am an international user of the Wells Fargo debit card (an US domestic bank). It costs $5
each time I withdraw cash from a Visa ATM. If I choose to use the debit only for purchases, I am
charged 3% of the transaction amount. If I am to go to an ATM instead, what is the least amount
of money (in US dollars) do I want to withdraw in order to be better off compared to when I
make a transaction?
Q50: Last year, each iPad sold had 35% of its selling price contributed to Material Cost, 30% to
Distribution Cost and 10% to Marketing Cost which left 25% to Profit from selling price. This
year, Apple increased the selling price by 20% and managed to pull Material Cost down to 30%
of the new selling price, other things remained the same. What is the new Profit percentage?
Q51: Mike is travelling around Russia and wants to buy some matryoshka dolls for souvenirs.
He found one with 4 layers. The first layer takes up 60% of the selling price, the second layer is
only one-fourth of the first layer’s price, the last layer is one-tenth of the selling price. The whole
doll is sold at $80. Calculate each layer’s price.
Short Questions
Q52: KFC New Zealand is promoting its KFC Hot Deals consisting of Wicked Fix and Bargain
Bite. Wicked Fix, which has 4 Wicked Wings, 1 regular chip and 1 regular Potato & Gravy, is
sold at $4.90. If bought separately, a Wicked Wing cost $1.20, a regular chip $0.5 and a regular
Potato & Gravy $0.80. How many percent can a customer save when buying Wicked Fix instead
of each item separately? (Round up your answer to 2 decimal places)
Q53: Orion Chocopie is a famous brand of delicious cookies. A small chocopie package costs
only $0.20 while a box of 50 packages costs $8. With $75 what is the maximum number of
chocopie packages you can buy?
Q54: Pumpkin Patch Ltd. is a luxury brand of kids-wear. On average its mark-up percentage is
250%. If Pumpkin Patch Ltd. produced a $10 shirt and a $12 pair of pants, estimate the selling
price of this clothes set.
Q55: A small tray of ice-cubes consisting of ten 2-cm3 cubes is sold for $1.75. A big tray of ice cubes consisting of six 5-cm3 cubes is sold for $2.50. Which tray is cheaper, in term of $ per
Q56: A lemonade stall breaks-even at 30 cups sold. Each cup is sold for $3; variable cost is
$1.25 per cup. How much is fixed cost?
Q57: Janice’s flowery finished 2011 with a profit of $25,000. Distribution Cost is equal to 60%
of profit, while Admin Cost is 80% of Distribution Cost and Finance Cost is one-fifth the sum of
Distribution and Admin Costs. How much revenue did Janice earn?
Q58: The Government places a new tax on liquor with the purpose of reducing domestic
consumption of alcohol. The new tax of 15% the selling price will replace the old tax of 12.5%.
With the old tax, a bottle of beer was sold at $6 (amount after tax). Calculate the selling price
and price after tax of this bottle of beer with the new tax? Round up your answer to 2 decimal
Short Questions
Q59: Mentos is a famous chewing-gum brand. One 20-gram piece of Mentos contains 55%
rubber gum, 25% mint-flavor, 15% sugar and 5% conservators. How many grams of each kind of
ingredient will be used in a package of 30 Mentos pieces?
Q60: Rick is currently finding a new job. His previous job paid him $30 per hour, and he worked
50 hours per week. How much did Rick earn per year from his previous job, after a 30% tax ? (A
year normally has 52 weeks)
Short Questions
Hurdle 4
Q61: Puma is a well-known sporting outfit brand. A pair of Puma shoes normally costs $75, a
shirt costs $35 and a pair of shorts costs $30. If you buy the whole set of these 3 items you will
receive an 8% discount on the total amount. How much is the price of the clothes set after the
Q62: Toyota currently has Current Liabilities of $375 million, while their Current Assets is
sitting at $500 million. What is Toyota’s Current Ratio? Round up your answer to 2 decimal
Q63: Gloria Jean’s Coffee is about to open 50 new coffee shops across the USA. They hope that
this expansion will increase their current annual revenue of $780 million by 40%. How much
more annual revenue, in dollar value, will be generated by opening 1 extra shop? Assume that
the 50 new shops generate an equal amount of additional revenue.
Q64: As of November 2011, Windows XP’s market share was 32.8% after having peaked at
76.1% in January 2007. Assume its market share decreases by a constant percentage each month,
how many percent of market share does Windows XP lose per month? Round up your answer to
2 decimal places.
Q65: On average, a gas station supplies 2400 liters of gasoline per day. The Current gasoline
price is $4 per liter. One gas station in the North supplies gasoline for $4.75 per liter. Assume
that it supplies just enough gasoline to break-even, what is the fixed cost of this gas station?
Q66: Alex was penalized for online piracy. He had to pay 650% the value of products he
uploaded illegally on the Internet along with copyrights fees of $5000. These products cost a
total of $500. How much did Alex have to pay for his penalty?
Short Questions
Q67: Dial-A-Nerd is an average-sized computer repairing service. They charge $15 for one-hour
of service, $20 for more than one-hour of service and $50 if the computer needs to be taken
away. In the first quarter of 2011, they received 240 cases, half of which required only an hour,
one fifth of the remaining required more than one hour and the rest required to be taken away.
How much revenue did Dial-A-Nerd earn in the first quarter of 2011?
Q68: Knock-Knock-Knob is a sole proprietor that specializes in selling and fixing doorknobs.
During the last quarter of 2011, Knock-Knock-Knob earned $44,000 in revenue, 30% of which is
allocated to Distribution Cost, 35% to Admin Cost and 15% to Finance Cost. Calculate the dollar
value of profit of Knock-Knock-Knob in the last quarter of 2011.
Q69: In 2011, Novak Djokovic earned a record cash prize of $12.6 million for winning 3 Grand
Slams and 7 other titles. Assume Djokovic received the same amount of cash prize for each
Grand Slams, he earned 75% of his total cash prizes by just winning 3 grand slams. How much is
winning a Grand Slam worth?
Q70: Evergreen is a newly opened low priced taxi service. Their “open-door” price is only $1.
The first 1.5 miles is charged at $5 and then $1.50 per mile. A passenger travels for 20 minutes
and the taxi driver drives at a constant speed of 45 miles/hour. How much does the passenger
have to pay?
Q71: MeetYourMakers is a famous E-sports organization. In 2010 the total cash prizes of all its
squads amounted to $300,000. In 2011, this number dropped by 20%, but MeetYourMakers
received a sponsorship of $500,000 offered by Razer. How much did MeetYourMakers make
from E-sports and sponsors in 2011?
Q72: Mountain Dew is a famous soft drink brand. In 2011, approximately 900 million Mountain
Dew bottles were sold all over the world, generating $1.6 billion in revenue. On average, how
much does a Mountain Dew bottle cost?
Q73: Avada Kebabra is a Turkish fast food restaurant owned by Ahmed. During the 3rd quarter
of 2011, Ahmed earned $7,500, which took up 35% of the annual profit. How much profit did
Short Questions
Avada Kebabra generate in 2011? Assume that the error margin is 10%. (Round up your answer
to the nearest whole number).
Q74: Frank is a retired musician and he now teaches guitar lessons for youngsters. The old man
doesn’t care much about money and only charges $25 / month / student. At the end of 2011,
Frank was amazed that he had made $12,000. How many students did he teach in 2011? Given
that all the students had registered for his course before 2011, no students dropped out of the
course during the year, and Frank did not receive any new students.
Q75: Nutella is a world-wide brand of hazelnut-spread. A small 500 gram jar of Nutella is $6.50
while a big 5 kilogram jar is $50. How many percent can a consumer save by buying the big jar
instead of the small jar? Round up your answer to 1 decimal place.
Q76: Google acquired Youtube for the price of $1.65 billion USD, fully paid after 6 months.
How much did Google have to pay per month in €? Given that 1 USD = 0.7 €
Q77: Burij Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, holds the world record for having the largest
number of floors and the fastest elevator. It has 164 floors (not including the ground floor) and
the elevator runs at 64km/h. Assume that each floor is 5 meters high, how long (in seconds) does
it take to go from the ground floor to the 160th floor?
Q78: Samson is a popular football player in Thailand. His annual salary is $21,000. Recently, his
club has the intention of ending the contract with Samson while he still has another 2 years to
play. Samson requires that he be compensated an amount equal to his salary for 30 months if he
is to be fired before the contract ends. How much is Samson asking for?
Q79: Bo-At is a boat rental shop located near the harbor. They charge $60 per hour or $1000 per
day (24 hours) for renting a boat. A customer rented a boat for 50 hours, but due to weather
conditions he returned the boat half a day later than expected. How much did he have to pay to
Short Questions
Q80: At Mountain Gear, a complete set of mountain climbing tools is sold for $2,450. Climbers
save 15% by buying the complete set instead of separate tools. What is the total cost of buying
all the necessary tools separately? Round up your answer to 2 decimal places.
Short Questions
Short Questions
Hurdle 1
Q1: 37.5%. Keep in mind that they want to increase 15% ONLY through the Retail Division.
Q2: 15.75 million iPhones
Q3: Outsourcing 32% Music Teaching 52% and System Builder 16%
Q4: 27%
Q5: 15,26 trillion after 5 years. Return on Investment is 25% per year.
Q6: 8 months
Q7: 24 clerks
1 clerk works 8 hours per day, 5 days per weeks and 1 month contains 4 weeks, meaning that
he works 8 x 5 x 4 x 60 = 9600 minutes per month.
So the number of clerks needed to review 5000 applications, each of which takes 45 minutes, in
a month = 5000 x 45 / 9600 = 24 clerks.
Q8: 81 days/song
Q9: $8.33/gallon
Q10: $2000/month
It is stated that each employee is given 3 months of fixed salary for bonus, which mean he/she
gets 15 months of fixed salary per year. The total annual compensation is $30,000, so the
monthly salary = $30,000 / 15 = $2000.
Q11: 32%, 24%, 17%, 28%.
Q12: 67,500
Q13: $840,000
The calculation is ($3,600,000 * 65%) - $125000 * 12 = $840,000.
Short Questions
Q14: 29 candidates.
Q15: 15.4 gallons.
Q16: 57.14%
Q17: $145,350
Q18: 10 hours.
Q19: 75% of the original price
40% + (140% x 25%)
Q20: $2,490,000.
(830,000 x 15% x $20)
Hurdle 2
Q21: $130
Q22: 193 days
Q23: 6 x 6 x 55 = 1980 burgers.
Q24: $7 million
Q25: 41, 9 %
When an extra 40 liters of lemon juice is added, the new mixture is 40 + 32 + 100 = 172 liters of
both lemon juice and water, and the percentage of lemon juice = (40 +32) / 172 = 41,9%.
Q26: $20,000.
5 years of depreciation add up to 75% of original cost <=> $5,000 is 25% original cost
Q27: $3000/month and therefore $36,000/year
Short Questions
Q28: 4.2 billion AUD
Q29: 50000 microwaves
Q30: 20,020,000,000 RUB
The amount bought by Belarus: 200M * 0.75 = 150M
The amount bought by Albania: (200M + 150M) * 3= 1050M
The total amount bought by all 3 countries: 200M + 150M + 1050M = 1400M
Russia thus made: 1400M / 1000 * 14,300 = 20,020,000,000 RUB
Q31: $392,400,000
Q32: 37,500 adult visits
Q33: 16,200 rupees.
Q34: $615
The calculation is: (60/4) * $10 + [(60-15) / 3] * $15 + [60 - 15 - 15] * $8 = $615
Q35: Operating expense $57,000; Admin expense $45,600; Finance expense $34,200.
Profit = $243,200
Q36: 100,000 boxes
Break-even unit = $125,000 / (2.5 - 1.25)
Q37: $692,307,692
Q38: $170 million
The calculation is: ($850000000 * 1.35 * 0.4) - ($850000000 * 0.34) = $170000000
Q39: $11,320
Short Questions
Q40: $27,300
Hurdle 3
Q41: $112.86
Q42: 1,33%
{ [80 - (2560 / 40)] / 80 * 100} / 15
Q43: 1143.53 minutes
Q44: $51,330
Q45: $34,200
Q46: 5 : 4 : 1 or 5.1 : 3.9 : 1.1 (either way it’s fine as long as you get something like 5 : 4 : 1)
Q47: Benefit / Investment Cost ratio 24 : 1
Benefit / Operating Cost ratio 13 : 1
Benefit / Cost ratio : 8 : 1
Q48: 27 months.
Q49: At least $166.67
x - 5 = 0.97x -----> x = $166.67
Q50: 36.67% of the new selling price
Let X be the old selling price of an iPad, then 1.2X is its new selling price. From the facts given
in the questions, we have:
New Material cost: 30% * 1.2X = 0.36X
Distribution cost (remains the same): 30% * X = 0.3X
Marketing cost (remains the same): 10% * X= 0.1X
So, the new Profit Margin is: 1.2X - 0.36X - 0.3X - 0.1X = 0.44X, or 44% out of 120%, or (44%
/ 1.2) = 36.67% of the new selling price.
Q51: $48, $12, $12 ,$8
Short Questions
Q52: 19.67%
Q53: 465 chocopie packages
Q54: $77
The markup percentage formular is (selling price – cost) / cost * 100%
Let X be the selling price of the set, we have: (X - 22) / 22 = 250% = 2.5
X - 22 = 22 * 2.5 = 55, thus X = $77
Q55: Big tray at $0.083 per cm3 compared to small tray at $0.0875 per cm3
Q56: $52.5
Q57: $57,400
Q58: Selling price $5.33 ; New selling price: $6.13
The selling price = $6 / 1.125 = $5.33
The price after tax with the new tax = $4.8 * 1.15 = $6.13
Q59: 330 grams rubber gum ; 150 grams mint flavor ; 90 grams sugar ; 30 grams conservatives
Q60: $54,600
Hurdle 4
Q61: $128.8
Q62: 1: 1.33
Q63: $6.24 million
The calculation is: ($780 million x 0.4) / 50 = $6.24 million increased by 1 new shop
Q64: 0.75%
Firstly, we will calculate the number of months that pass from the end of Jan 2007 to the end of
Nov 2011: 11 months in 2007, 12 months in 2008, 12 months in 2009, 12 months in 2010, 11
months in 2011, adding up to 58 months in total. So the number of percentage points of market
share that Windows XP lost per month = (76.1% - 32.8%) = 0.75%
Short Questions
Q65: $1800
Q66: $8250
Q67: $7080
Q68: $8800
Q69: $3,150,000
Q70: $26.25
Q71: $740,000
Q72: $1.78
Q73: $19,285 - $23,571 (acceptable range)
Q74: 40 students
Q75: 23.1%
Q76: €192,500,000
Q77: 45 seconds
Speed of the elevator = 64 km/h = 64,000 m / 3600s (because 1 km = 1000 m and 1 hour = 60
minutes = 3600 seconds)
Height of 160 floors = 160 x 5 = 800 m
To go from from the ground floor to 160th floor, it takes 800 m / (64000 m / 3600 s) = 45
Q78: $52,500
Q79: $2,840
Q80: $2,882.35
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