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1.1.6 Explore Place Names

Destiny Williams
American History 1
Ms. Woodhouse
26 August 2019
1.1.6 Explore: Place Names
1. I think the place names are so common because most of them come from our history and
have a connection with an important person, place, or thing. The names Washington,
Madison, Clinton, and Franklin are all in common because they are named after
important people that had a great impact on our nation. By naming things after them, we
show respect and symbolization.
2. Most states derive from the European linguistic traditions.
3. There are six state names that derive from a combination of more than one linguistic
Part 2
1. North Carolina-It originally came from the Latin language and is named after King
Charles I of England-Wikipedia (using same link that was in module)-Yes and no
because anybody can edit information on Wikipedia but most of the time, the information
is accurate.
2. Guilford County- Named after a British Whig politician named The Lord GuilfordWikipedia-Yes
3. Greensboro-Named after Nathanael Greene, a major general in the American
Revolutionary War-Wikipedia-Yes
4. Martin Luther King Jr Dr.-Named after Dr. Martin Luther King-Wikipedia-Yes