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Traffic Analysis Points (TAP) For Real-time Network Monitoring

Traffic Analysis Point (TAP) For Real-time Network Monitoring
TAP stands for Traffic Analysis Point, which is designed to provide
real-time monitoring and reporting between two or more points within a
fiber optic network.
TAP has two distinct types, active TAP and passive TAP. Passive TAP is a
pure passive device which does not require power. It is much more
common in enterprise data centers and is used for creating network
visibility and enhancing network security. Thin film filter (TFF) technology
has become a popular TAP manufacturing technology due to its
reflected and transmitted light with low performance and high insertion
The tap is positioned in the cabling system, which allows network traffic
to flow from ports A to B, and B to A without interruption, but provides
the exact duplicate of the signal on the network link to the monitoring
port. There are two points. Firstly, it won ’ t cause any disruption to the
normal network activity. It places no burden on the network, and don ’ t
contribute to dropped packets. Secondly, it creates an exact copy of
both sides of the traffic flow to the monitoring ports for data analysis. So
the most accurate real-time monitoring and analysis of the network can
be achieved by this TAP.
Different split ratios are generally available from 1% up to 50%
distribution as needed for the particular installation circumstances. For a
70/30 TAP, you can split 30 is for monitoring port. The ratios are
pre-determined and usually depends on the distance of network nodes
and monitor ports. The important point is to find the split ratio at which
both the primar y passthrough link and the monitor link can both
function reliably.
What’re the features of TAP?
1. Require no extra powering. When the power to the device is lost, it is
impossible to be a point of failure in the network link.
2. It is an effective, and cost-efficient way for real-time network
3. It passes all link traffic for monitoring. Even corrupt data will not be
rejected, so users can see everything in real-time.
4. It won ’ t affect network operation. The monitoring is done without
adding any disruptions to the network.
5. It is highly reliable and requires no maintenance.
When networks become larger and more complex, monitoring for
performance and security is no longer optional, it becomes critical. TAP
provides a simple and powerful way to monitor optical networks.
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