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Regions Web Site

Regions Web Site
You have been hired by a region of Washington State to create a web site designed to attract visitors.
Representatives from National and State Parks, local businesses, cities and counties are ready to reward
you handsomely for a quality product that will entice people to visit or even relocate to their region.
Your final product will be an aesthetically pleasing and information packed web site that will be linked
to the social studies weebly page detailing why the region that you represent is the most desirable one
to visit or move to.
Required Elements:
We will work together to set a due date once
we determine how progress is going. Plan on a
tentative launching of the Web Sites at the end
of the period Thursday, October 25th
1. At least 4 feature articles detailing…
a. Geography and Climate of the Region
b. Major Attractions and Places to Visit
c. One Article Focusing on a Specific Place or Attraction in Your Region
d. A Generalized Persuasive Article on Why Your Region is the Best Region
2. Two Videos Embedded
a. One Newscast using the TriCaster to Provide Detail on Your Region
i. We will tape on the 18th
b. One Interview with a Resident of Your Region (Group Members as Actors)
c. One Video Detailing an Activity Popular in Your Region
i. You will borrow one of the cameras and film beginning the 17th
3. A Links Section with at least 10 links to Cities and Attractions in Your Region
4. Multiple Pictures included in the articles and throughout the site
a. Optional Photo Gallery if Desired
5. Professional, Aesthetically Pleasing and User Friendly Design
6. A Map of Your Region
7. QR Code Linking to Your Site (We will do this together as a class when the sites are launched)
While your web site must include pictures and color, it MUST contain copious amounts of persuasive
Remember that the purpose of this web site is to attract visitors and new residents to the region of
Washington that you represent. Thousands of people are depending on you!
Good Luck!
Sample Web Sites
Seattle Tourism Board: http://www.visitseattle.org/
Bellingham/ Whatcom County: https://www.bellingham.org/
Skagit County: http://www.visitskagitvalley.com/
State of Washington: http://www.experiencewa.com/