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Science and Society Power Point Presentation

Science and Society Power Point Presentation
Throughout history, many scientists have been discredited, disbelieved, and even threatened
physical harm by society. You and your pair will research and present an example of how
scientific advancement was impeded by society. I will assign your group one of the following
scientists. Please circle the one you have been assigned (Galileo, Copernicus, Wegner, Darwin).
Each group will be expected to research and preset the following information:
Who is the Scientist?
o Provide background information about the scientist that helps us understand
who he was.
 Ie: What was his family life like growing up? Was he rich, poor, ect…
What time period did he live in?
When did the scientist exist?
o What was the social climate relative to science at that time
Where did the Scientist come from?
o Where did he grow up? Where did he go to school?
What did the scientist study?
o What was his field(s) of interest? What was his proposed advancement in
science that was not accepted by society?
Why were the scientist’s ideas rejected by society?
o Was the information to advanced, disagree with common understanding of the
day, politically incorrect, religiously incorrect?
How did society treat the scientist?
o Did people try to ignore, contradict, alienate, threatened, and/or belittle the
 Provide at least one example
Slide Requirements:
o Must have a Title slide with your names, class, assignment, Scientist name
o All information must be in bullet point form. You don’t even have to use sentences. I
don’t want long paragraph.
o Must be at least 10 slides long
o Each slide must have some sort of graphic/illustration/picture to help explain the
information in that slide