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Are cell phones
detrimental to our
sensitivity of
We will survey several classes on campus in order to understand how people view the
modern world regarding cell phone usage. We will as them if they believe that cell phone
usage causes the younger generation to be more ignorant of events that surround them
due to the effects of cell phones. Studies have shown a significant decrease in people's
interest in major world events and it is possible for cell phones to be the cause of this
phenomena. To be honest, this study is not to find out if our survey results will accurately
represent how people feel on the subject because we are going to purposely add bias to
the survey.
The true goal of this is to find out if this bias affects people, and specifically high
schoolers since they are our sample and we would prefer to avoid generalizing the data to
other people. We will be applying the framing effect to our question "does the use of cell
phones make teens more ignorant?" Half of our total sample will be surveyed while hold
cell phones and the other half will be surveyed without our cell phones being in sight. This
should have an effect on them based on how they view us, the surveyors.
We chose this as our topic because cell phones are a primary focus of this generation
and this helps to get a feel of how people actually view cell phone usage.
We believe that the people who are surveyed while we are holding cell phones, are
going to choose the option, "Yes," more often because we will try and appear distracted
and unfocused because we have our cell phones out. The immediate view of us holding the
cell phones may trigger the thought that cell phones do in fact attribute to a person's
ignorance. However, the opposite may occur because of who we chose as our sample. If
we choose teens to answer a negative question about themselves, they may be reluctant to
choose, "Yes," to avoid insulting themselves.
Data Collection
Our samples will be randomized by the time of day within school to survey. We
will choose a random number that tells us the time of the class we are to survey
between 8:00 and 2:00. We randomly picked the Physics classroom as our sample,
so although it is possible to generalize the data, we must have a large set of data in
order to do so.
We will hand out a small slip of paper to all students within the classroom at the
time. If we happen to have a person within two classroom's which surprisingly does
happen, then we will skip over them as we already have data from them.