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1 Money Mantra - Shreem Brzee

Hi Readers!
It is my time to write a long post about mantra because people are getting mad about
money. With help of my supreme god Krishna, I want to do some changes in people's mind
about money and abundance. Going after baba(yogis, swamis) is not good thing. I am not a
native English speaker/writer. So bear with my sentences.
Hare Krishna! Now let‟s move on to the topic
My name is Rajaganesh and i am from trichirapalli ( tamilnadu , india). i think
Dattatreya SivaBaba is also from tamilnadu. So, whatelse i am going to teach about mantra.
People do not aware of mantra that really works for one who believes. My forefather (more than
200 year ago) was a doctor who can cure snake bite with mantras. He was a doctor in kings's
assembly. So, I was born from the parambara , so i can share my views and experiences with
mantra. For those (who are impatient to read the full post) want to know shreem brzee works or
not? I will say definitely works!
Actually we dont have any money problem. You can ask me ' what
are you talking about" are you genius? Are you any type of baba? ha ha . Well, I can say I am
one of the simple devotee of lord krishna. Dedicated devotees are srila prabupada 's followers
and absolute devotees of krishna. I am not pure as they can.
So, I should not speak with my own words. I need to take out from
vedas and other sastras. so let‟s begin the journey.
People are looking after money (not money, some material abundance) and pray to god to offer
money more than others in order to live abundance. So Merciful god krishna created all
demigods to offer boons according to the desires. If we are convinced, then they ll be no
demigod. Yes. You may think “what are you talking about. Let‟s dig deep in to it.
I want to take from the land (earth) . This is where I need to start. So “ask yourself” the
following question.
1) Do you own a house?
My question: where you got or bought the house. If yes, go back to the previous
owner‟s stage. Where from he/she got. If you go back like this you will find the original owner.
i.e god(Krishna). He is proprietor of all material worlds.
The thing is if don‟t have any desire to acquire any land or property. Then, problem
will be finished. No government will ask you pay the taxes. I mean if we “all are convinced”
about this. Then, everyone‟s problem will be solved. Yes, all people become rich if “we are
convinced. This is where maya is playing.
The ultimate truth is we are not belonging to this planet. Yes. There are so many
planets out there. But topmost planet is where Krishna lives.
Krishna, supreme personality of godhead. If you don‟t know who is Krishna. I
recommend only srila prabupada books. No other baba‟s books. Haha( if any baba read this.
Please read prabupada‟s book- I recommend to DattatreyaSivaBaba(first stop market yourself as
baba) personally since he is from tamil nadu. Because, the word supreme means that no one after
him. Even lord Shiva is not supreme god. He is devotee of lord Krishna and pure vaishnava.
My above plan overview:
I own a land, I do irrigation/business and I share things to all people around me. Then
people share all with me. Then, there is no problem in abundance. I mean, I have gold and share
with other people who need of gold with no cost (exchange something). People do the same
thing with no cost. Everyone problem will be finished.
If I am having gold (the place where the gold mine is possible) = you are having rice
(the place where agriculture is possible. Both being exchanged, no need of money. This is what
happened in India earlier. Now everything is changed due to the advent of westerners. Our
Indians kings are jealous over each other and they were busy in capturing other countries. For
your information, saint visvamitra (brzee sound creator) was also a king who was jealous after
vashista muni who had kamadehnu cow (the cow can give anything without limited). Visvamitra
asked him to give the cow. But vashita muni refused to give… (That‟s long story ask these things
to siva baba.. he‟ll explain). Then visvamitra realized the yogic power of vashista muni and
started to meditate and got whole of bunch of supernatural powers. One more great thing that
visvamitra created planet like heaven.
But, Maya is so strong. Because we live here because of jealous about Krishna and ask him to
make some separate worlds (earths). Krishna so mercy, he has given all the things to us. Same
things are happening in this world (i.e) there must be a poor if you want to become rich and get
service from them. If everyone is rich, no one will serve you.people who want of money has two
desires (i.e) he/she want to show others about his/her material opulence to enjoy the material
world and most ultimate thing is he/she don‟t want to work hard (i.e)he/she need a servant to
work hard for them. But our sins are continuing, if someone is rich. We are jealous over him.
We pray to God about money! Money! If he doesn‟t give us, we will deride god.
I am exactly giving the solution about money problems.(i.e) if we are ready to share food
production and other material things. That‟s all. No money problem. We are the social animal,
just think of bird, they eat and go away. They don‟t store for another day. Be like that.
I know that is not possible in kaliage ! out of 100 people only 1 or 2 like to hear about Krishna
and this vedic way of living.
I recommended you to read srila prabupada books. Hear podcast.
Money problem:
Please, I don’t want to criticize westerners. But i need to explain the situation of
them. Because I want westerners (you people were left from india some thousand year ago)
to be live safe and reach higher planet .Actually. people are so mad and they concentrate on
earning money and that will distract from spiritual world.
I want to overview the money madness disease in your mind
Before some 500 year ago in india
India is pious land to live. I want to list out their lifestyle. Please listen this is the
vedic style of living.
1) Protecting Cows and get milk from them
2) Making food production (simple hard work - for 3 months. You can eat for whole years).
Food grains production will be high if all we do. There is no scarcity of food. So they
used to exchange grains. Remember, we exchanged food grains. There is no need of
money (funny paper with funny people). “Everyone needs to produce their own
food”. If everyone do food/grain production in places around them. Then, plants
and tree will increase automatically and no scarcity of Rain…
3) Education: Vedic gurukula education. Not this mundane education system that is
happening now everywhere.
4) We got so much time to spend in spiritual practice. I can show you the proof of temples.
People spent more time in building temples and creating arts because they already made
food production. Remember, planting banana tree at once and it will give yield for so
many years.
Western style of living: (Indians are now doing the
same thing below)
1) Killing cows for meat. This is a greatest sin. People don‟t know about result. They can
scream about country opulence in terms of living lifestyle and army /navy strength.
They will fail when they come to nature. Storm used to come and go. There will be
heavy rain / or no rain. Heavy damages (natural disaster) will happen automatically.
2) Work hard from 9 to 5 ( I think more than that). Get money from your boss at the end
of the each month. Time to cheat other or dominate other or praise boss to get higher
3) Travel from one place to another for job to work hard. Frequent accidents.
4) All diseases will spread easily. Hospitals are flooded with patients.
5) Growing children with no god conscious. Educate about that he/she want to study hard
to live in this competition world.
There is no need to work hard. As i said earlier, Please grow plants or grains in your
own area. Produce food grains for eat. Teach about that to your children. Build the
strong community. Protect cows and get milk from them. You will get so much time to
spend in spiritual practice. If you work hard, there is no time for spiritual practice.
Then don‟t claim that do I need to chant 1008 times any mantra? Because, you have
no time to chant any mantra under maya.
Ultimate Truth: (srila prabupada „s words )
People living in this age (kali age) are fourth class men. You can read this in every
prabupada books. Just google about it.
Mantra! Mantra! Mantra!.
Alright, I know people used to have doubt in mantra. I have divided the topic in new
ways for two kinds of people.
People are:
1) Believers (who believes in god)
2) Non – believers (who want the some proof)
I don‟t speak about you. Because, you have done some pious activities in your previous
birth to realize god. Please chant Hare Krishna mantra to remove any bad karma. I request you to
Maintain flower pot for daily flower offer to lord Krishna. Chant any mantra for desired results.
But don‟t forget to chant Hare Krishna mantra first. If you got enough money spend for Krishna
conscious. I don‟t mean that you have to go ISKCON temple and worship Krishna. ISKCON
changed differently in different place. I recommend you to sit infront of the Krishna idol. Chant
hare Krishna mantra. Offer flower, water, and fruit. Any one of them you want. Krishna wants
any one of them above offerings I have mentioned above. And you‟re Love too
Other karma removal mantras:
It is not that any mantra can remove bad karma. It depends on the level of the god.
Om nama shivaya cleans your karma 96 percent. It has some material advantage.
Hare Krishna Maha mantra cleans your bad karma 100%. That is sure. 100% spiritual.
Don‟t take birth again. Go back to god. If you are Christian, you can easily adapt to it.
Go to link below, Read that and chant hare Krishna.
For Non- believers:
Everywhere is now non-believers. I recommend you just go out and see the space at
a night. You can see the moon and million stars out there. Living entities are there too. Don‟t
follow any scientist who claims that we landed moon and mars. They never went to moon. They
dont know about the planets. Funny NASA can claim that we landed on moon and mars. It just
simple camera effects ( after effects ) to cheat innocent people and put tax on them. You people
pay and encourage them. They can do something inside the earth like launching satellites. They
cannot go beyond that / to other planets
I assure they never landed any spaceship in mars planet too. Because. my favorite Krishna‟s one
powerful avatar lives there. Lord Skanda ( in tamilnadu named lord Muruga). He is god of war.
Without permission they never ever be. He teached the meaning of OM mantra to lord shiva. He
is son of shiva and has six faces (as Krishna‟s main six qualities) Many of you don‟t know that,
Krishna‟s powerful avatar is lord skanda. If you want any quick success, pray to him. He offers
boon immediately than any other demi god. But surrender to Krishna. Please don‟t ask Krishna
for material profits. Surrender to him and reach the planet where Krishna lives to service
Remember, those who worship any gods and they have to take birth in their planet and come
back again after pious activities finished. But, those who worship Krishna /Vishnu never come
again to earth.
Sound created universe:
God‟s word created universe. We live in this universe and it was created from god‟s
word(Krishna‟s word) , Vedas are from god. Some of you don‟t what veda means. Vedas are
sacred sound; it is from the beginning of creation. Veda is not story book or any imagination. It
is full of mantras spread around the universe.
Vishvamitra told Brzee sound to Shiva BABA?
If you pray to any spiritual sage and they will contact you (giving special remedy for
your problems). They are living in other planets , can guide and contact you personally. In
tamilnadu , 18 main sages ( its from sangam age) were lived and some them are still alive too.
They can do miracles more than siva baba do. They attained asta siddthi. You can go to them
directly if you chant specific mantra. You can also attain siddthi.
But it‟s simply waste of time and you cannot become god. GOD is already there. It is
process of that you should realize that “I am not this body. I am a spiritual soul “. You can take
birth in siddthaloka (where great sages lives). But you have to come down to earth again after
some thousand years. If you surrender to Krishna, no need of take birth. Some sages may get
mukthi (reach to bramajoythi). But most of yogi will fall down.
Okay, okay, I understand you are screaming about Shreem Brzee
I am not going to talk about the quantum mechanics (more technical word). But I want to show
the real proof of sound and their structure.
Hey, if any baba/ yogis who all read this
don‟t claim this technical word in your
next seminar. Ha ha …………….
The science is: cymatics
Sound has forms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cymatics (from Greek: κῦμα "wave") is the study of visible sound and vibration.
It may be new to so many people who don‟t believe in mantra. I want to go one by
one. Sound has forms. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch the videos one by one to get hope about mantras. Because hope plays an
important role in mantras
This may be new to western people. But in India, we call it as “yantra “. You can
see this yantra symbols (gold or silver plated) in many temples in india .You can
see people are worshiping certain yantras in india. It is not that you can create any
symbol of your own and worship. It has certain rule to worship and you can speak
to god directly. It requires bunch of ghee and certain materials. We need to cast
and give life to yantra for more days (48 days- one mandala) in order to gain result
from yantra. Most people don‟t realize that having certain yantras will give result.
That is bad idea won‟t work anymore.
Yantra and Mantra Really works:
By using certain mantra you can attain certain things. You can use yatchini
mantra ( fairy‟s mantra) to receive things from distance. Other yatchini mantra to
know about other‟s past and present. Yes. She speaks in your hear.
Cymatics “OM” sound
Do you know why earth and other planet in spherical/elliptical shape
with orbit. Then watch this video.
You must believe now that god’s (Krishna) has a word to create this earth. He
can create anything he wants. He has unimaginable capacity to produce sound.
We have only small mouth to produce any sound.
Now you can watch other cymatics videos for proof and gain hope….
You need to know about cymatics science :
1) Non- believers must accept that sound has forms. Because, I have given
you a chance to see the real video proofs to know about the sounds. Now
come to my idea. Leave me if don’t believe in mantra. Just close this
eBook. Sit back and do your work.
Believers (god conscious people)... You can continue reading:
Note: The things I am going to teach you may affect your material
enjoyment. Please do this at your own risk. If any ill effects happen I am not
First Know about shreem Brzee Mantra:
Many of you don’t know about Brzee meaning. So, I need to explain a
little bit more to increase your confidence. As you know saint visvamitra told this
mantra to siva baba. You can receive more mantra from more sages. But siva
baba missed( maybe he don’t know) to tell the secrets made in this mantra. It is
time for me to reveal.
Sage visvamitra has a fashion to cast the mantra without losing the benefits. He
always interlink sound to get same desired results quickly. He created several
gayatri mantras to get results quickly.
Brzee ! Brzee! Brzee !
I have checked my mantra’s books to know about vedic mahalakshmi
mantra. So, I came up with final mantra :
OM shreem hreem shreem kamalay kamalalaey praseetha praseetha shreem
hreem OM Maha Lakshmiey Namaha.
Here Many of know that shreem is beeja mantra ( it’s act like a seed)
Secret is “ preseetha praseetha” sound . It means Appear! Appear! According to
meaning .
As I said sage visvamitra combined the effect of this sound.
Praseetha ! praseetha ! changes is as follows :
Pra(see)tha (Pra)seetha = see - pra (center sound – initial sound)
Initial sound + center sound = Pra-see ( you don’t need to chant two times. Sage
interlinked two sound)
Now you may ask me it is “Prasee “ not Brzee…
Brzee sound is casted by the sage in different angle plane. That means, you will
never miss out the spiritual attraction of money (not money, material
abundance). Sages can create different sound techniques to achieve the result
quickly. Brzee is derived form of “prasee” sound. As I said earlier, sage
visvamitra creatd heaven planet, why can’t he create the sound with powerful
pack of other wealth sound. I can explain more about this. But I need to finish up
this ebook .
Brzee sound and cymatics :
If you watched the videos about cymatics, then you would know about the
patterns formed by the sound. “
“The forms made by attracting other side patterns of
sand/salt/water/material thing “. If you watch out the
cymatics video carefully, you will definitely
understand this.
This is the way attraction of brzee sound works. It
will create circumstances to attract material
abundance. Note that: You want to buy material
things/ luxurious situation by money (paper). But, you
ultimate aim is to buy/live like a rich man.
One more thing, you can see the god, if you have
more interest. Sorry I cannot share my experience
with you. Some spiritual experience must not be
How to chant Mantras:
It really a good question to answer. Those who read/know Sanskrit
and Tamil can chant any mantra easily. But, for English people, sound will be
different and difficult to produce. If they try to learn Sanskrit/ Tamil from the
beginning of birth, they will capture easily.i know certain schools in UK, US are
implementing that.
Before chanting mantra:
1) Take bath.
2) Try to avoid sex life. At least up to see the results. It is biggest obstacle for
any mantra. Eat veg food to avoid the triggers.
3) Believe that world is not spinning automatically. Some supernatural beings
are there.
4) Separate place for chanting.
5) Ghee lamp
6) Tulasi beads (108 round) or Use fingers to count.
Mistakes during chanting:
Every mantra has different way to chant (fast/slow). The more you chant
the more results will come automatically.
Normally people do chant like reading. This approach will not work at this
You must activate your third eye chakra for seeing immediate results!!!
Third eye is responsible for fire form. It burst your sound and send signal to
universe. That’s why I told you to have ghee lamp for sending your mantra to
universe and return your results immediately. If you cant open the third eye
chakra. Please get diksha from guru or surrender to Krishna. Chant from third
eye chakra for seeing results quickly.
Simple method to activate third eye: buy any balm (pain ailment to cure muscle
stretch) and pick little, apply to third eye ( between eye brow(middle). You will
feel the sensation at first. Practice it daily and you will see the result of sensation.
Concentrate on that spot and chant. Ancient time, yogis do yajana by putting fire
block and chant mantra by pouring ghee inside the yaga(yagam) for deity to
appear. This is same method.
Note: if you feel head ache, try to meditate on moolathara chakra(root chakra –
google about this)
If don‟t want to do above method. Just chant as you like. God will hear your prayer
because you have surrender to god.
Keep chanting 108/1008 times daily to get results.
See the results!!!!! Happy chanting!!!!
My recommendations:
Chanting this mantra will create opportunities for acquiring material
abundance. You may get money (paper). But it happened because that
people always thinks to buy material things by having this paper
(money). So god gives us chance to acquire this paper to enhance the life.
Please try to change your living from city life to vedic style of living.
Protect cows and produce your own food grains. There is no money
(paper) before some hundred years ago. People should admit and
understand this ultimate truth. Just sit back, and think about the animal
life. They don‟t claim that this is my land. But, we are super intelligence
human being and claiming that this is my land and property. I am not
asking you to change immediately. If you get enough money (enough
papers). Try to buy land and start to produce food grains and eat
sufficiently. You will definitely get more time to spend on spiritual
Working day and night for (money) funny papers. You don‟t
even get chance to switch to other planets. Note that, you are still
thinking that a bill gate is the richest man and that is false. There are
more planets out there; people living in that planet have more abundance
than this richest people in this earth. Try to take birth in other planets. If
you don‟t want to birth again, just surrender to Krishna!!! Pray to him.
Thanks for reading. If I harmed anybody, Please forgive me!
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