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Goal Ball

Goal Ball - Disability Heritage Event
On Tuesday I went to the event called Goal Ball Exhibition. When I walked into the
event there were two different teams of three people. Each person had a blind fold and was
playing a game that reminded me of hand-ball or soccer, except everyone was laying on the gym
floor and they were using a ball that jingled. The game happened to be an adaptive sports game,
for people that are visually impaired or for people that are not visually impaired to understand a
little how things would function differently. The game was created by a select few people, they
were all physical education majors and they had a complete guideline to how to play the game. I
was selected to volunteer and play in the game. Honestly being blind folded I was scared because
I had this fear that I would look really dumb to the people watching the game. Throughout the
game it was fun because my team did manage to stop most of the balls from going into our goal,
and I directly caught some of the balls with my hand. I kept messing up my orientation and just
had to use my hands and hearing sensations to bring me back to my playing spot. Overall it was a
good experience to see an adaptive sport that actually is fun to participate in for all students.