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Miss My Beautiful Big Sister “Loreli” Posted on September 22, 2019

1. Missing my baby “Brayden Allen Hays” I have barely even talked or even texted but maybe he texted me in January!! 💔��
2. Today is September 22, 2019 @ 3:44am
3. I just called Brayden yesterday but his phone just goes to voicemail or even just rings once. I really wish I could know how my baby Brayden is feeling
4. Brayden has Been living in Florida with Father (Mark Hays) it will be 4 years in January 16 or so sense he moved away he is 12 years old now he is growing so very much he looks like a 14 or so
5. Ashley has not had any contact with Brayden Sense last November maybe a couple of times sense then💔��
6. She didn’t even get to talk to Brayden on his 🎁 Birthday this year and I don’t really know why he has cut Ashley and Me both off I know he has also cut off others 1
7. Ashley has not seen Brayden sense January when she asked Mark To please come get him because she was not in a very good place People kept calling CPS and she was homeless and just kept having To place to place 8. Ashley gave Mark Hays full custody of him and she really regrets It now
9. Ashley just hired a Lawyer to help her with the case of trying to Get this mess straightened out because Mark Hays (Braydens
Father) Mark now lives in Florida and he has been in CONEPT Of court for changing his phone number and her not knowing Even where Brayden is Living with because Mark Hays is or was Getting a divorce at least 1 year ago we have no idea where Brayden is living. He was staying with his Step-Mother a few Months ago and mark just cuts her off Mark is in contempt of court for a lot of things
I pray that Ashley’s Lawyer will get thing straightened out