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RP 1-Briggs

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Sabin Back
Professor Kathleen Nelson
English 100
8 August 2019
Briggs “6 Ways Digital Media Impacts the Brain”
Saga Briggs, in her article “6 Ways Digital Media Impacts the Brain” asserts that social
media and the way we rely on technology for everything is slowly deteriorating our brain’s
capability to perform and enable everyday tasks. Briggs supports this assertion by illustrating
many common situations like searching on Google to find simple answers instead of using our
knowledge, making our brains more reliant to constantly turn to digital media to solve simple
situations in which we can solve without the usage of digital media. Her purpose is to inform
people of the dangers of heavy digital media usage to help people be more decisive and less
reliant on technology. Briggs establishes an informal relationship with her audience of mainly
young adolescents.