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WORLD LANGUAGE proficiency introduction

A Martian landed in your
neighborhood and is asking around
about this thing called “the Mall in
Columbia.” Using the paper and
card you are given, describe the
mall for your new friend.
What will I be able to do in Level
By the end of your first year of language study, you can
understand and say a lot. You can read and write in Spanish,
as well.
In general, you can…
• give personal information about yourself, as well as
information about others
• tell about your likes and dislikes, your preferences, and your
• begin to use the language for some functions, like
introducing yourself or buying things like food
You will make some mistakes when you communicate, but
you should keep in mind that these mistakes are a natural
part of learning a new language. Just pay attention to them to
It’s all about
What are my goals?
Text a friend
in Spanish
Chat with someone
new on XBOX live
Visit a new
restaurant or
grocery store
Listen to music
Download apps to help
you learn and practice
How do you get
better at Spanish?
Change your
Read anything in Spanish!
Kids’ books, articles,
Check out new
Watch movies or Netflix
in Spanish or with
Talk to a Spanish-speaking
classmate or community member