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Soil Review for Quiz

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Unit 5: Soil Quiz Review
Soil Intro Notes
Soil composition (4 things make up soil):
Two purposes of pore space:
Ideal pH of soil:
Two causes of soil erosion:
Dust Bowl:
Two soil conservation polices:
5 types of sustainable agriculture for soil conservation:
Fertilizer Notes
3 types of organic fertilizers:
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3. Vocab List (arable land, aggregate, composting, desertification, erosion, fertilizer,
mineral, nutrient cycle, organic matter, permeability, porosity, runoff, soil fertility, top
soil, water retention, weathering)
4. Glyphosate Resistance Article – why has it become resistant?
5. Rain Forest Soils Article – why would it be difficult to replant trees in an area of
tropical rainforest that has been cleared?
6. Porosity & Drainage Rate of Soils Lab – Which type of soil had a higher permeability
(drained water the fastest) and why (relate to sediment size):
Which type of soil retained the most water (porosity) and why (talk about sediment
7. Splash Erosion Lab – How can you prevent splash erosion?
8. Concentration of Chemicals Lab – Can you ever fully dilute a chemical/toxin? Why or
why not: