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DHE 212 Dietary Analysis Assignment 2019

Dietary Analysis Assignment
General: This activity is designed for you to reflect and critically think about food choices you
make, how you make these choices and contemplate why you made these choices. Moreover,
this activity will examine what you are feeling and thinking by using the Behavioral Change
Report as you evaluate your food choices and look for areas that could be modified.
Instructions: This homework takes place over a two-week period. For the first week, you will
record a food inventory of your diet and input the information into an app of your choice. You
will record food quantities and measurements of each food item for five consecutive days.
Review and save a copy of what you have consumed and evaluate the results. Identify two
areas of your diet that could be modified and write two measurable goals for them.
For the second week, you will again record food quantities and measurements of each food
item for five consecutive days. In addition to your food inventory, record how you might be
feeling as you make the changes in your diet. Use the Behavioral Change Report to describe
your experience.
Later in the semester, you will be asked to analyze your food inventory. The purpose of this
analysis is for you to take what you learned from this semester to see if your habit has changed
and if the information you gained has attributed to any changes. Think of patient modification
and what you might expect of him/her.
Grading: Please turn-in a copy of your food inventory along with your Behavioral Change
Report by dates indicated in your course schedule. Your Dietary Analysis will be evaluated
using the Dietary Analysis Rubric. Please refer to the rubric for this assignment.
Behavioral Change Report
Student Name:__________________________________________
Start Date:_______________________________
End Date: ________________________________
1. Assess what you were feeling as you were recording your dietary analysis? Explain your assessment
and describe how motivated you are starting this analysis.
2. What decision did you reach from your assessment? Describe your plan using measurable goals.
What were your dietary goals after week 1? What type of motivation did you use? How did you
prioritize your goal? Explain how motivation affected your process in reaching your goal.
3. How did you implement your plan? Describe in detail the steps it took and explain why you
implemented in that order?
4. Compare week 1 and week 2 of your food and calorie report. After you made changes to your week
1 diet, what did you notice with the rest of the calories and nutrients? Explain what happened and
why? Did you meet your goals? Was it easy to make changes in your behavior? What motivated you
to continue or not? What challenges did you experience? How did you feel when you didn’t meet
your goals?
5. If you were counseling a patient using your week 1 food inventories, what strategies would you
recommend to him/her? Use a patient-centered approach. What would you do if the person does
not meet his/her goal? How will these changes affect their overall oral health? In other words, how
will increasing a mineral or vitamin affect the oral cavity?
6. What did you learn from this experience? Did this exercise a change in your expectations on making
behavioral changes?