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Student Success Agreement COMP106

Student Success Agreement
All students should begin the semester by reading the course outline that is posted in
eCentennial. The Outline contains important information about your course.
Below is a checklist containing course guidelines and some key points from the Course
Outline. Read this list and ask you instructor to explain any part of the outline that you
don’t understand.
 In order to pass the course, you must achieve an overall course grade of 50%.
You also must get at least 50% on each of the Word and PowerPoint portions of
the course.
 Tests will be conducted in-class only. All Tests are closed-book. It is your
responsibility to be present on the date, time and location of your test. Students
who are absent from doing a test with valid reasons should request a make-up
test. A professional document such as a doctor’s note is required and the
request should be submitted within 48 hours following the absence.
 You are responsible for submitting your assignments, case problems and
projects on or before the due dates. Assignments submitted after the due date
will incur a late assignment penalty of 20% per day late (including weekends and
holidays). These will not be accepted late unless previous arrangements have
been made and professional documentation may be required.
 You must use your myCentennial email address to correspond with your
instructor. Check your email often.
 eCentennial is where you will find course documents and materials. Email and
eCentennial dropboxes are used for submitting your work.
 Course materials costs are included in the course fees. Your professor will
supply you with ebooks, GMetrix practice software, and one MOS exam.
 Academic Honesty: Please read the policy about Academic Honesty. This will
be discussed further in class by your professor. It is important that you are
aware of and understand this Policy.
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What is Academic Dishonesty?
Academic Dishonesty may include:
 plagiarism
 bringing unauthorized notes into a test
 talking to a classmate or looking at their computer monitor during a test
 completing another student’s assignment for them
 sending another student your assignment files
 submitting another student’s assignment files as your own
What happens in a case of Academic Dishonesty?
 The instructor checks with the School of Business to see if you have any
previous counts of Academic Dishonesty
1. First Offence: The instructor will inform you privately, and you will meet to
fill out the Academic Dishonesty Report. The penalty for the First Offence
is a Zero on the assignment.
2. Second Offence: If it is a Second Offence, the School of Business
informs the Instructor. The instructor will inform you privately, and you will
meet to fill out the Academic Dishonesty Report. The penalty for the
Second Offence is a Zero in the course.
3. Third Offence: The penalty for a Third Offence is an Academic
Suspension of one year. You may not enrol in classes or attend events at
the College for three full academic semesters.
I acknowledge that by signing this agreement, I have read the Course Outline
and the Academic Misconduct Policy and agree with and understand the
points listed above.
Student Name and Student Number:
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