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How to apply UAE visa online

How to Apply visa for Dubai
1. First Step is to visit https://www.touristvisaonline.com and Click on Visas from
the Menu bar.
2. After that select United Arab Emirate visa from the dropdown or scroll down to
find United Arab Emirate visa and click on it.
3. Check if your country is eligible for e-visa from this page. If it is eligible you
have to choose your Nationality ie. Which country passport you hold, after that
choose where are you currently living and last select United Arab Emirates from
Visa for the country.
4. After that click on apply visa and you will see the different types of
visa. Select the visa you want to travel with and then click on proceed
to apply.
5. After clicking on proceed to apply, you will get the application form
to be filled. Fill all the mandatory details that are to be necessary to
apply for a visa.
If you are more than one traveler than you can also add other traveler
information and your details will be shown something like this
6. When all the necessary details are filled, then click on proceed to pay
and you will get the order details page, from where you can pay your
visa fee.
7. After that click on Visa Fee and you will be redirected to the page
from where you can pay the fees. If you have a PayPal account, then log
in your details and pay otherwise you can also pay from your credit or
debit card.
8. If your payment is not successful due to any reason, then you will get
to see the payment unsuccessful page, and if your payment was
successful then success message will be shown.
9. You can also track your visa by clicking on track visas status and fill
your application ID and passport No and click on track visa status. After
that you will got your details in below table.
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