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We wake up and we look around, we breath the fresh air, we take in the warm rays of sun, and
then we look around and realize that we have something that most people do not. Those who
do not have what we have, long for it desperately. They want it so bad that most people make
the decision to risk death, just so they are able to experience what having this thing feels like.
This thing that most people do not have, this thing that people sacrifice even their own life for, is
For many years, we have something many events where people are stripped of their
freedoms. All of these events have gone down in history, but the Holocaust to me is absolutely
horrendous. We know what it is like to experience freedom, the people of the holocaust did too
at one point, but then it was suddenly stripped from them. Can you imagine that? Can you
imagine being stripped from one of your human rights? Jews and other groups of the Holocaust
know what it feels like to be stripped from not only your freedom but also your hope and your
Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889. Like all children, he was born and he was
innocent and pure, but little did we know that he would grow up to be one of the most notorious
killers of all time. Not only did he take control of many countries but he also killed more than 6
million Jews and other minority groups. Hitler was absolutely ruthless. You would think that
children would be safe right? Wrong. Even children were not safe. They were thrown out of
windows and they would fall many feet, right onto their death. They would become targets as
they were thrown up in the sky. They were run over cruelty by Hitler’s officers, their blood was
splattered all over the streets of Poland. Can you imagine having your child ripped out of your
hands only to see someone throw them up into the air and shoot them? Many have not
imagined but actually seen it. Hitler was not just a killer, he was an insane killer.
Hitler was taking lots of medication toward the end of the war. He had severe depression
which reminds me of hypocrisy. He had absolutely nothing to be depressed about, he was not
the one suffering, he was not the one being beaten to death, he was not the one having to
starve to death. He had absolutely no reason to be depressed about, but he was anyway. We
can say that he was depressed because he knew his fate already. He knew his death would
come and he knew that it would be soon. People believe he was a narcissist and I agree,
because he absolutely did not care about anyone but himself. Eventually the war came to an
end, and so did his life and anyone who was stripped of their freedom, anyone who fought hard
in order to get that right back and anyone who had hope were able to survive and they were
able to experience the feeling of freedom again.
Many people think that there is never going to be another Holocaust, they think that is
absolutely impossible, but it is possible. If freedom is taken from someone, they are prisoners,
no matter where you might be. Adolf Hitler most definitely accomplished this, someone is still
able to do that, so hold on tightly to your freedom. It’s what might save you.