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Vocabulary Reading Passage 2

From College to the Workplace
When students graduate college and move into the workplace they must adjust to the
new responsibilities. First, they need to learn to work with executives and management at
their job. Second, they need to understand the functions of their job. Third, they need to know
how to resolve problems.
At a new job, employees often are nervous around their boss. Some companies have
executives that make the important decisions and outline how the company is going to do
business. It is important that management perceives you to be a hard worker with a lot of
potential. Sometimes, management may show favoritism to certain employees, but it is still
important for you to avoid conflict and do your work. Find a manager that you admire that will
help you understand your job and help you gain perspective on what it means to work at your
company. Attend all the training you can and do not be unenthusiastic about your work. Once
you realize that being a good employee is about exemplifying a hard work ethic and being a
problem solver, your boss may appoint you to do new tasks and earn more money faster.