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ferrel religious freedom



Introduction: The first Amendment was made December 15 1791. The unique and intimate nature of religion our founding fathers put the first amendment as Freedom of Religion.


Concrete: Religious freedom is the right and freedom to be of any religion or none at all without any interruption through the Government. Since this came, more religion has thrived in the years.

Commentary: Due to so many different religions people often have different holidays or many different believes.

Commentary: Freedom of religion makes society quite better for example if my family’s religion is

Jewish but my best friends is catholic with freedom of religion we can mend, before society would be judged or punished for any other beliefs and religion.

Concrete: Our country's founders were of different religions. They all knew the right to religious freedom was the keep government out of encouraging or establishing religion.

Commentary: Due to this amendment the United States has avoided many conflicts that have torn other countries/ nations apart.

Commentary: The government has no reason or any right to penalize or in any way interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs.

Conclusion: Religious freedom is a special privilege due to how other nations had it where everyone just believed in a specific religion and any other believes would be penalized and more for it. Religious freedom encourages respecting and having peace among society.

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