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Discusion questions

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Discussion Questions
The Hmong are seen as inferior in intellect and without proper education they have very
interesting explanations for problems they face. One example of this is how some one's birth
may be ruined by peeing in the woods wrong or not ejaculating fully. These ideas seem odd to
us today but in what way do the Hmong have a maybe healthier idea of what to do in
In one part of the reading the Hmong bring in food that the woman must eat after childbirth,
doctors have differing ways of reacting to this and some say it's delicious and some say it
discussing. In your opinion what way would you react to someone trying to change the
standards of childbirth in hospitals?
As an outside viewer of cultures colliding in this project of the practices the Hmong use in
childbirth can be dangerous and could lead to their child being hurt. So, in your words what
would you change in how we should handle other cultures ability to raise young, or where do
you draw the line between tradition/belief and endangerment?