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Company Profile
Company Profile
T: +966 1 465 2881, F: +966 1 465 2882, Toll free: 800 128 8000
P.O.Box 246868, Code 11312, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. www.geidea.net
Geidea Introduction
information technology solutions in Saudi Arabia and
innovative products and services. We aim to create
a technologically adept society by the use of the
progression of our community to a ‘smarter society’.
To develop unique IT solutions that exceed client
expectations and provide the most exceptional, high
quality services. We employ only the brightest of
knowledgeable thinkers in order to achieve industry
leading customer satisfaction and an ever-increasing
market share.
• We have presence in the Kingdom since 2005.
• Time, quality, management and technical expertise are the key factors of our success.
• We have 2 development houses (Riyadh and Bangalore-India) with multinational IT
• A track record of great success in many projects.
• We provide extended services that include management and leadership techniques.
• We have more than 60 skilled technicians, 6 Software developers & 6 POS-Embedded
system developers covering many cities in the Kingdom.
Our Goals & Objectives
1. To progress along the direction of the HRH towards investment in knowledge based economy that
aligns with the Kingdom's strategic plans towards continuous improvement.
2. To launch business initiatives via searching for great opportunities in our industry.
3. To build high tech advanced innovative technologies as a step to support local economy in order to
achieve the goal of shifting from importing technology to exporting technology.
4. To market and sell our products through the most effective models in order to achieve the objective
of expanding our business by providing powerful after sales services.
5. To achieve unique success stories in developing our products and services and reaching a high sales
volume so that Geidea can have a good reference in the market.
6. To achieve quality assurance in product after sales services policy and procedures.
7. To set an example in effectively organizing, managing and developing work processes.
8. To employ the best qualified people for the right job and they should be energetic, have the passion
to work, the abilities towards great innovation and have the spirit of team work.
9. To develop a work environment that explores employee creativity that results in great performance
and enjoyable activities.
10. The brand name of Geidea with its logo, colors and features should be linked with superiority and
professionalism in performance in the field of IT in the Saudi market.
Quality Policy Statement
The applications of quality policies in Geidea are fundamental towards Geidea general strategy for
work environment in the organization. Geidea states this strategy through the following points:
• Link innovation risk management with quality procedures
• Integrating quality with all Geidea activities, administration processes and divisions, especially
customer care division.
• To exceed customer expectations for quality assurance and ensure continuity.
• Take the right decisions at the first attempt.
• Maximum productivity, pursuit of perfection, meeting customer needs, excessive customer care,
and compliance with procedures, all should be direct targets for the application of quality
• Achieve quality at all levels, product (distinctive features), the user (meeting the needs),
development procedures (no defects), the value provided (vs. price).
• Link between enhancing leadership skills and applying quality.
• Geidea employee should believe in high quality deliverables, and should be self-motivated
towards it
• Applying continuous improvement in order to meet increasing customer needs.
• Geidea is now seeking the ISO 9001 to prove the adoption of quality standards.
Innovation Policy
As a Saudi based company working to develop IT products, Geidea gives special importance to
innovations through the following:
• Innovation is the main key that drives all Geidea activities.
• Our innovation policies are aligned with Geidea quality standards.
• While innovating new products, a proper feasibility study and risk analysis is carried out at all
• To give priority to innovative products that are fully developed inside Geidea labs.
• Innovation is not only practiced in Research and Development Department, but also in all other
Geidea divisions.
• Geidea awards any employee who develops innovations that add value to our products.
• To carry out marketing campaigns for our innovations to show our results and awards for
• To believe that progress towards innovation will directly contribute to the promotion of
knowledge based economy in Saudi Arabia.
• Geidea takes inspiration from the phenomenal innovation models adopted by South Korean
companies that contributed to the rise of the country.
Geidea Competitive Advantages
• Exceptional support package that is not offered by any other competitor.
• Strongest Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering.
• Better management competencies.
• All the systems operation, management and support are fully developed in Geidea.
• Offer high quality products & services at 20% lower costs as compared to competitors
• IT directors have the knowledge that is very rare to find in KSA.
• We offer web enabled help desk system that runs on Windows, iOS and Android
• Geidea offers the unique Rapid Response System (RRS) as a part of its core product.
Geidea SWOT Analysis
• Local powerful IT team
• Competitive prices
• Quick response IT team
• Strong financial capabilities
• High quality of pre-sales & post sales
• Great relations with SAMA
• Comparatively new in the market (only by
• Growing market / increasing demand
• Changing market trends towards more
advanced technologies
• New favoring regulations from SAMA
• Increasing competition at a fast rate
Why Geidea?
The reason
why we are so confident about the POS is very simple:
have what others have,
And we also
have what others don’t have!
Why Geidea?
• Because we are an Investment initiative built by young ambitious Arabs.
• Because over-caring for our customers is one of our most important values.
• Because Geidea's packages are the most advanced and competitive in the market.
• Because we have very powerful after-sale service (quick response).
• Because we are proud of our development team, the best in the country.
• Because we create our products, through supporting innovation and constant
• Because we value our community & social responsibilities.
• Because our prices are very competitive.
Geidea System
Development Lifecycle
Design Input
(Customer Inquiry)
System Development Lifecycle
Need Modifications
Customer Order
for Installation
Organizational Structure
General Manager
Executive Manager
Operations Manager
Care Dept.
Procurement &
Customer Care
HR Supervisor
4x Help
Desk Rep.
Sales Rep
Sales Rep
2x Sales
2x Sales
1x Sales
POS Dept.
1 Rep.
2 Rep.
Geidea Service Fleet
Head Office
Location Map
Office No. 112, 113 , Canary Center, Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi (Dhabab
Street) X King Abdulaziz Rd. Sulaimaniyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .
Tel: +966 1 4652881, Fax: +966 1 4652882, Toll Free: 800 128 8000,
P.O.Box 246868, Riyadh 11312. www.geidea.net
Geidea Solutions
Geidea Solutions
POS Solutions……………………………………….18
Door Access & Time Attendance……………...60
SPAN Solutions……………………………………………………. 20
Loyalty Programs………………………………………………… 25
E-Voucher………………………………………………………… 33
Geidea Support Systems……………………………………….. 35
Spectra in Depth………………………………………………… 47
Overview…………………………………………………………. 63
Time Attendance Software…………………………………... 64
Software System Features…………………………………….. 65
Products………………………………………………………….. 67
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)……………..76
Geidea Smart Homes……………………………81
Geidea Software & Data Systems…………….90
Geidea POS Solutions
It is our vision to become the best provider of POS systems in the Middle East along
with our mission, which is primarily based on providing the best support packages and after sales
We, at Geidea have developed solutions that contribute to making financial transactions
smoother, more flexible than ever, and up to the maximum possible level of safety. Along with
these, our solutions fully satisfy the demands of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, to broaden the
base of POS usage in the Kingdom.
Geidea's past experience of 10 years in this field led Geidea to provide different solutions related
to point of sale, that include electronic payment system, loyalty systems and E voucher solution.
Geidea works through its R&D department towards providing the most consistent and reliable
services, that is achieved through cooperation with the global company SPECTRA, with branches
in more than 62 countries around the world. Geidea is now considered as the exclusive agent for
SPECTRA in the region.
At Geidea we are proud for obtaining approval recently from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency,
to provide banking payment services and operate under the vendor ID number 63 service provider
in the Kingdom.
Geidea POS Solutions
Geidea Company possess a special technical team of systems analysts and programmers,
through this we are able to design any application for POS devices. Geidea's technical team holds
experience of more than ten years in the same sector along with deep technical knowledge. As a
result, Geidea has already developed the following:
Span 2 Solution
Loyalty Solution
E-Voucher Solution
Our development team consists of experienced programmers & software designer who have
worked at POS & Software packages for more than 10 years.
Our development team has finished all of software packages required to launch POS business (like
powerful & web enabled TMS, IVR, and Inventory, Smart Phone Applications).
Geidea POS development team has great experience in SPAN2, ADVT & TIP, as they were working on
many terminals SDK like: Hypercom, VeriFone, XAC, Gemalto and Ingenico.
We have plans to provide terminals at a price that is 20% less than that of current average price.
Geidea will supply each client with 10 demo POS (free) as pilot terminals.
Geidea is providing super service during installation, maintenance, support & paper roll supplying.
a. Geidea SPAN Solutions
Geidea SPAN Solutions
Geidea SPAN Solutions
Through SAMA's cooperation with Geidea, we strive to promote a society of dealing through
electronic payments instead of cash. Currently the Saudi market has approximately 93,000 units of
electronic payment point of sale, which is a comparatively a small number when compared to the size of
the local economy to that of neighboring countries.
SAMA shared its ambition with Geidea to raise this figure to 250,000 over the next few years. To achieve
this we must work on the development and use of high quality and reliable POS devices. Along with this,
the devices should be affordable and backed by strong post-sale services that can allow maximum
efficiency for the resellers and this is what Geidea provides. Also Geidea has put into place all its
organizational foundations in order to be able to better manage all the POS devices. These systems
include warehouse systems, support systems and POS management systems (TMS). As a result, Geidea
has taken into account the provision of stronger management systems and databases in order to bear the
immense amount of pressure at peak periods.
Geidea worked hard to develop the fastest and most effective support systems called as rapid response
system in order to achieve zero requests for technical support.
Geidea will be happy to provide you with the experience of POS systems for free once the terms are
agreed upon. We have successfully completed all the required certifications, i.e. SPAN2 , VISA-ADVT ,
Geidea SPAN Solutions
POS Industry Overview
- Local Market
• There are about 93,000 terminals in KSA .
• SAMA forced all banks to replace all NON-PCI terminals , which are about 20,000-30,000
terminals before 2014.
• Yearly market growth is between 15,000-20,000 terminals as a new installation.
• SAMA has plans to increase number of point of sales to exceed 250,000 units within 2-4
years .
• 4 vendors in KSA are not enough to meet the growing market needs.
Geidea SPAN Solutions
POS Industry Overview
-International Market
The POS software industry is expected to reach $3.2 billion in 2014.
Market is driven by retailers upgrading their POS systems.
The world POS hardware industry is expected to reach almost $31.5 billion in 2014.
The market is driven by businesses adopting hardware interface standards.
The world wireless POS terminal industry is expected to reach $4.5 billion in 2014.
The market is driven by falling wireless POS costs.
Major players operating in the market include Verifone, Cybernet, Hypercom and Spectra.
Geidea SPAN Solutions
POS Industry Overview
-International Market
Global terminal market will reach 10 million units in yearly sales by 2015.
Market is driven by widespread compliance with EMV (visa) standards and increasing
frequency of non-cash transactions.
POS systems now accept a wide range of hardware and software applications.
Market growth is driven by demand for POS system security to combat fraudulent
POS terminals are getting more popular due to their versatile functions, such as loyalty
programs and gift cards.
b. Geidea Loyalty Systems
Geidea Loyalty Program
Geidea Loyalty Program
Geidea offers its loyalty systems from 2 perspectives,
• First from the business perspective, to increase customer satisfaction,
• And secondly, from a technical perspective, for the development of loyalty systems
Geidea Loyalty Program
What is a Loyalty Program?
An application that collects customer data, analyzes and gives loyal customers rewards,
benefits, or additional privileges and services.
Used primarily to increase the number of consumers, to monitor and follow the pattern of
their consumption.
The solution provides success and expansion of your business that retains your customers by
providing value added benefits.
Loyalty Program Statistics
Loyalty Program Statistics
The number of participants that use a loyalty program in the United States is around
2.1 billion.
Normally each head of the family in the USA is a member of about 18 loyalty
programs, but only uses 8 of them.
Loyalty cards normally increase repeat visits by 25%.
69% of users say that their loyalty programs experience were very good.
50% of loyalty card users say that the loyalty program strongly motivated them to revisit the store.
Benefits & Advantages
Loyalty Program Benefits & Advantages
• Develop a better understanding of customers and their shopping behavior.
• Result in increase of Return On Investment
• Helps in building long lasting relations with loyal customers
• Increases customer retention
• Assists in developing targeted marketing communication campaigns
• It increases spending and as well as frequency of visits
• Builds brand loyalty
• Increases good will and word of mouth that attracts new customers
• Helps develop customer database
• Most importantly, it increases revenue
Geidea Loyalty Types
Types of Geidea Loyalty Programs
There are 3 main types of loyalty programs offered by Geidea that are as follows:
Open System – Earn & redeem points at any member store.
Closed System – Earn & redeem points at any branch of the same store.
Semi – open System – Earn & redeem points at only at group stores.
Geidea Loyalty Program
The Process:
1. Obtain a magnetic
loyalty card and
activate it from the
2. Customer to visit the
shop and earn points,
discounts, gifts, etc.
3. The store will execute
transactions by adding &
redeeming points for
products through a
Geidea POS.
4. The customer can check the
number of points earned and
redeemed through the
5. After earning points,
the customer can redeem
for discounts from the
same store or from any
other partner store.
Geidea Loyalty Program
The Stages:
Repeat Trial
exploring the
Customer buys
the 1st time.
1st impression
Client is
interested in
Loyal customer
buys well known
Know the service
through ads or
word of mouth
Potential word
of mouth
Increased word
of mouth
Active word of
c. E -Voucher Systems
E-Voucher Systems
E-Voucher Systems:
E-vouchers are basically used to recharge the mobile phone balance through
point of sale terminals instead of the regular recharge voucher.
Geidea provides level 4 from the E voucher sales management system that include the
management of POS through terminal application.
Also Geidea provides a package that comes from SPECTRA devices which is cost
effective and fits well with the requirements of the E Voucher system. The ease of use
and the efficiency of device in addition to its fast printer make it the best choice when
we are applying for E voucher solution.
Also Geidea's unique ability to integrate between E voucher sales management system
and the terminal application gives Geidea's profile additional strength.
Geidea Support Systems
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
In order to improve our after sales support service quality, reduce the number of maintenance requests and to
facilitate the maintenance process for our teams, we offer the following services:
 Geidea Helpdesk & support systems:
1. Web Enabled Helpdesk System (Windows Application) 24/7 :
Request for installation and support any time through the web and our staff will follow up and take
action on your request as soon as possible.
Our application supports online ticketing, generates auto reports along with many other advanced services such as
tracking, history, stock, etc.
2. Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) 24/7:
Our help desk system is integrated with IVR to allow you to call and submit your request through
telephone, even outside our working hours, by just calling our toll free number and entering your basic information
and we will follow your request to serve you at the earliest (used in case of no internet, not in office or out of duty
3. Smart Phone Application 24/7:
We have developed a great support package that includes smart phones and smart applications. These
allow customers and technicians to open tickets, update, track maintenance requests, and show maps to locate
4. Customer Care Staff
If you are in need for more support, our staff at help desk will be delighted to receive your call during
working hours.
• Customer Care Staff
If you are in need for more support, our staff at help desk will
be delighted to receive your calls during working hours.
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Technicians will use smart phone application to update/close the open tickets:
In order to save time, we are using E-ticket through SMS and Smart Phone Application to open, update
and close all our maintenance orders.
 (Google Map) All terminals location coordinates are saved on our server:
All banks can find the location of terminals using Google Map.
Saving our team’s time by avoiding searching for merchant location.
 Hot Terminal Swapping System:
We use SAM to replace the terminals by moving the SAM from the defected unit into the new one and
there is no need to register the new terminal as it will use the same serial number, terminal ID and public key.
 Terminals send PING to our host:
Our clients can trace the availability of all terminals online.
We can track the terminal failure before our clients can.
Our clients will not have to place any maintenance request as our team will solve the issue immediately
when the terminal is down (reducing the number of maintenance requests).
 E-request for Paper Roll Supply:
Merchants can request for paper roll supply from POS terminal menu without calling the bank (first vendor
to offer this service).
Our clients will not have to place any paper roll request as our team will supply it directly after receiving
the E-request (reducing the number of maintenance requests).
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Geidea TMS (Terminal Management System):
Download POS software remotely by using TMS (software update)
Change/modify terminal configurations remotely through TMS.
Geidea TMS has the capability to validate the Software version of the terminal remotely and send alert if it
needs update (Version Control).
Geidea TMS has the capability to validate the (Date & Time) of the terminal remotely and send alert if it
needs update (Auto Sync.).
Remote Parameter Management (changing auto reconciliation time, etc.)
Remote Hot List file Management (blacklisted BIN uploading, etc.)
Terminal Service Management (remote training)
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
Geidea Smart Phone Application:
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Terminal Software Upgrade:
Our team can upgrade the software by using USB flash memory or remotely by using internet (serial,
Ethernet, USB and remotely via TMS).
 Development Team
We have our development team in two development houses (Riyadh & Bangalore)
 Multi-Applications
SAMA gave us a green light for 2 applications (SPAN2 + SABB Loyalty); they asked to submit the terminal
in certification Center for testing.
 (EFTPOS/CR) integration – ECR
Geidea provides (EFTPOS/CR) integration as DLL with full documentation and sample code for
 (Electronic Receipt Captured – ERC)
Geidea provides E-ticket retrieving application (Electronic Receipt Captured – ERC) to collect transactions
from GPRS and IP terminals through their account in our portal website.
 (Receipt History)
Geidea provides (Receipt History) up to last 5000 transactions by browsing through terminal screen or
exporting to windows file through USB.
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Geidea provides merchant report on demand
Merchants can trace last transactions history (500 transactions) by displaying or printing from the POS
 Claim Copy - Issue
Geidea stopped the issue of claim copy... With the approval of SAMA on the suggested solution
 reversal issue
Geidea solved most cases generating reversal issue.
 Debug Options
Terminal support Debug (Enable/Disable) which is used for troubleshooting to analyze the issue
We are working to be the first vendor for NFC, Contactless and mobile payment in Saudi Arabia and we
have already submitted our solutions & Pilot Terminal to SAMA.
 Unattended Terminals
We will submit the terminal of unattended POS at the third quarter of 2013 for Certification .
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Terminal Special Features
Memory (Up to 512 M Flash + 16M Main)
Colored LCD Screen.
Supporting SD RAM Memory
Supporting (GPRS+TCP+Dial-up) at the same time
Supporting NFC -PAYPASS, & PAYWAVE by internal Contactless Module (Optional)
 Terminal Branding
We have two types of Branding:
1: Showing company/Bank Logo in the colored Screen
2: Printing the logo on the plastic cover
 Rechargeable Battery
All our terminals (Desktop & Mobile) are supporting Rechargeable Battery as an option
 Stand for terminals
Optional: to have movable stand for terminal
Geidea Solutions and Services
(Value Added Services)
 Multi-TCP/IP terminals with GPRS communication:
Geidea can provide complete TCP/IP network infrastructure integrated with single point GPRS
communication to be installed in the big merchants premises.
Solution advantages:
• Saving 50% of terminal cost by using TCP/IP POS terminals instead of GPRS POS terminals.
• Saving monthly communication fees by using only one SIM card for all terminals instead of using SIM card
for each terminal. [monthly saving = (30 SAR x No. of terminals)]
• Fast communication (GPRS) comparing with dial-up communication speed.
Competitive Advantages
Geidea versus Competitors
• A wide range of products to support different
• Higher added value for prices as compared to any
• Program administration for POS (TMS) developed
by our team locally.
• Same day support to replace defected devices (Hot
• Multi-channel support (phone, SMS, IVR, online).
• 512MB memory allows the installation of multiple
• All terminals support external battery for power
• Device with color screen
• Order paper roll through the same device within
• Less support for the diverse communication
• Less value for a higher price
• Majority are ready made programs
• Majority do not support same day replacement.
• Limited support channels
• Customers must contact vendor for any technical
• Mostly do not support external battery.
• Mostly don’t have color screen.
• Customers must contact vendor for any technical
Competitive Advantages
Geidea versus Competitors
• Local development team
• Outsourced most of the team
• Big range of POS terminals supporting all
communication types.
• Some have no Bluetooth, contactless reader or
unattended POS.
• Price is 15% less for desktop terminals and 35% less
for GPRS terminals.
• Prices are comparatively more expensive.
• We have software developers who developed
powerful TMS locally.
• Mostly used ready-made packages.
• Elegant appearance with attractive colors.
• Devices lack attractive appearance.
• Software download and configuration adjustments
can be done remotely.
• Some vendors cannot download remotely.
Spectra in Depth – by Geidea
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Why Spectra ?
• As an Asian brand, it has the most competitive prices.
• Sold two million point of sale terminals around the world.
• Dealing with more than 90% of the banks in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
• Founded in Hong Kong 20 years ago.
• The largest provider of POS terminals among several Chinese banks.
• One of the very few suppliers accredited with the Bank of China, since 1995.
• Holds many ISO certifications.
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Spectra Insights
• Founded in 1993 in Hong Kong
• Leading company in designing and manufacturing:
• Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals.
• Self-service Payment terminals.
• Electronic Transaction Systems, etc.
• 100 % in-house design and product development in Hong Kong
• ISO 9001 certified.
• The Greatest Asia Leader in POS Terminals.
• More than 2 millions sold terminals world wide.
• ISO8583 EMV in Europe.
• SPECTRA has provided full ISO8583 EMV application with source code for Geidea
to make SPAN2 easier.
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Spectra is the World’s
• POS Vendor from Asia to get EMV & PCI PED approval.
• POS Vendor with all-in-one terminal with integrated Contactless reader.
• POS Vendor from Asia to get the MasterCard TQM and PTS certification.
• Launched the world’s first integrated cordless transaction terminal – the
S9000 POS terminal (1993).
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Security & Quality Assurance
Tamper resistant & evident.
Secure Download (Just Geidea can Load Application).
PCI/PED certified (online/offline).
Support DES, 3DES, RSA, DUKPT.
ISO 9001:2000 certified.
EMV 4.0 level 1 and level 2 (KERNEL).
MasterCard TQM, PTS.
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Worldwide Presence
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,
Brunei, Sri Lanka, Nepal.
South America
Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Chile,
Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil.
North America
USA, Canada.
Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland.
Middle East
Saudi Arabia.
South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania,
Nigeria, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Egypt.
Australia/New Zealand
SPECTRA in Depth
– by Geidea
Spectra’s Line of Systems
• POS Terminals, Pin Pads.
• Contactless Payment Terminals.
• Self-service Payment.
• Terminal Management Systems.
• Acquiring System.
• Pre-paid card system.
• Loyalty System.
Spectra’s Line of Terminals:
Since its launch in 1993, SPECTRA has offered many POS products
that are light weight with a distinctive elegant design. SPECTRA is also the first
manufacturer to install a color LCD screen with a relatively large size. SPECTRA
is always keen to offer the safest and the most effective POS devices by
providing higher reliability and secure systems to give its units the ability to
communicate using different methods. Moreover, SPECTRA has asserted that
manufacturing is done under precise conditions of quality, in order to ensure
the highest performance for POS devices.
T1000 Mobile Terminal (Dial up, TCP/IP, GPRS)
T800 Mobile POS Terminal (Dial up, TCP/IP, GPRS)
CREON Mobile POS Terminal (Dial up, TCP/IP, GPRS)
Spectra –
T1000 Characteristics
T1000 Characteristics
Spectra offers the new generation T1000 POS terminal to be the
perfect solution for future needs of banks and the retail sector.
It has a powerful processor and large memory size to support the
processes quickly and with high reliability and to support multiple
applications on the same unit.
The T1000 enjoys the highest degree of safety with the structure's
protective mesh network and it has completed the required
certification from PCI safety standards (Security Standards Council).
The T1000 has a light weight design and a large color screen that
makes it a pleasant experience at every usage.
Spectra T1000
Spectra –
T1000 Specifications
T1000 Specifications
32-bit ARM9 CPU
16 / 32MB SDRAM
512MB NAND Flash
2.4“ 320x240 TFT type 256K color LCD
480 gm (with battery)
EMV Level 1 & 2, PCI-PED
Wifi, Bluetooth
Smart card & Magnetic card reader
Spectra –
T800 Characteristics
T800 Characteristics
• Stylish device, beautiful colors and an attractive design for many
daily needs like loyalty systems, recharge cards, gift cards, public
transport cards, etc.
• Compact design with a high-resolution color screen.
• Illuminating buttons illuminate with an attractive blue light.
• Its high quality performance leaves no room for breaks in
• It incorporates a high speed silent printer
Spectra T800
• Ability to support multiple applications in the same unit.
• Normally used for loyalty systems with the most appropriate specifications that make it one the
most advanced and distinctive loyalty device.
Spectra –
T800 Specifications
T800 Specifications
32-bit ARM9 MCU
16 / 32MB SDRAM
512MB NAND Flash
2.4“ 320x240 TFT type
256K color LCD with white LED
back lit
450 gm (with battery)
Built-in contactless smart card reader
Spectra T800
Spectra –
CREON Characteristics
CREON Characteristics
• When launched for the first time, what distinguished CREON
was its ability to operate in any mobile site, thanks to its GPRS
connectivity. This made it possible to cover large amount of sales
and increase flexibility.
• CREON can be used at a global level in bank sales, taxis,
restaurants, hotels, home delivery services, and retail in general.
• It incorporates a strong processor that maintains
competitiveness through fast operations.
Spectra CREON
• CREON is the pride of Spectra and it is this device that managed
the global market penetration.
Spectra –
CREON Specifications
CREON Specifications
32-bit ARM9 MCU
16 / 32MB SDRAM
512MB NAND Flash
2.4“ 320x240 TFT type
256K color LCD with white LED
back lit
450 gm (with battery)
GSM / GPRS, CDMA and Wifi
Built-in contactless smart card reader
Spectra CREON
Why Spectra…
Why Geidea…
As an Asian brand, it has the most competitive
We offer an exceptional support package that
is not offered by any other competitor.
Sold 2 million POS terminals around the world.
Strongest SLA offering.
Dealing with more than 90% of the banks in
Hong Kong & Taiwan.
Geidea has 4 branches scattered around the
Founded in Hong Kong 20 years ago.
We have a team of 45 technicians.
The largest provider of POS terminals for
several Chinese banks.
Our staff has better management
competencies as they hold advanced degrees.
One of the very few suppliers accredited with
bank of China, since 1995.
Developers hold over 10 years of experience in
design & development of POS software.
Holds many ISO certifications.
We have 14 systems developers at our office in
Riyadh & India.
The 1st in Asia to get EMV & PCI PED approval.
Characterized as a pioneer in innovation. The
launch of new technologies includes the first
color display and the first integrated
contactless reader.
All the POS systems operation, management &
support are fully developed inside Geidea.
We are specialized in POS terminals as it is our
core business.
Door Access & Time Attendance Systems
Door Access &
Time Attendance Systems
Like always, Geidea provides unique solutions that are
always developed to fulfill clients’ current and future needs.
Geidea presents its Time Attendance Solutions, that consist
of locally developed high-tech systems offered with hightech devices.
Geidea has developed solutions to fulfill the national
requirements and as per market needs.
Along with this system, Geidea provides many devices, such
as the high-tech US made HandPunch machines, and the
most popular time attendance machine, Granding, that is
made in China.
Through this wide variety of options, Geidea provides the
most suitable, and cost-efficient solutions to its clients.
Door Access &
Time Attendance Systems
Time Attendance Software
This software was developed for the purpose of tracking
and monitoring employees’ attendance, working hours,
absence, delays and overtime.
This software generates attendance reports on daily,
weekly, or yearly basis and supports hardware, such as
fingerprint readers, card readers, face recognition devices,
and magnetic cards readers.
Geidea, and its team of professional developers, developed
this software to fulfill the Saudi market needs.
In addition, this software provides archiving features, where
all employees’ information would be archived and saved for
further reports.
Door Access &
Time Attendance Systems
Software System Features:
• Arabic-English supported data entry and user interfaces.
• A wide variety of reports.
• Archiving employees, issuing IDs, sorting them according to department, nationality or job
description, adding and editing their basic information (Name, Residence ID / Iqama, Date of
Birth, Blood type, starting date, expected end date, etc).
• Acquiring data from one or more attendance machines.
• Data back-ups.
• Defining users’ access rights and privileges with as many details as required.
• The door can also be opened / closed through our own iPhone application
• Viewing employee’s attendance records, through special log book.
• Ability to define working hours, days, and shifts for a certain employee(s) or department(s).
• Defining departments and employees in these departments.
• Issuing breaks (leaves), whether annual, sick, or any other kind, for a group of employees, or
certain employee.
• Adding “Late” or “Absent” labels to each employee, who actually came late or were absent.
Door Access &
Time Attendance Systems
Software System Features:
Reports and Monitoring:
• Viewing working hours for each employee in a specific period of time.
• Printing reports for a specific period of time (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
• Sorting employees according to nationality, department and job description.
• Calculating and editing salaries, bonuses and other expenses according to attendance reports.
• Viewing employees archive, and searching / filtering for a certain employee.
• Monitoring and recording leave’s for each employee.
• Viewing general reports to know how many employees of different departments follow working
• Viewing different specific reports, such as absence, delays, bonuses, overtime, leaves, etc.
• Viewing reports for full-time employees separate from part-time employees.
• Viewing other brief reports.
Door Access & Time Attendance Products:
Granding Access Control……………….66
F08……………………………………………………… 67
FA2……………………………………………………... 69
Hand Punch Time Attendance………...71
Handpunch 1000……………………………………. 73
Handpunch 2000 ……………………………………. 73
Handpunch 3000 ……………………………………. 73
Handpunch 4000 ……………………………………. 73
Granding – Access Control Systems
With its HQ in Shanghai, Grading is an IT company that is
specialized in biometric and RFID technologies. It develops time
attendance devices and machines in its high-end labs.
Granding’s high-tech technologies, unique services, good quality,
and competitive prices are the properties that drove Geidea to
consider Granding solutions as primary components of its own
unique attendance solution.
Granding is one of the most considerable choice for all clients,
because of its unique values, that is: Grand (through its
uniqueness), Excellent (by following quality standards) and
Innovation (through fulfilling market requirements).
Granding F08
Granding – Access Control Systems
Granding F08:
Attendance System F08 is a professional access control
system, which uses fingerprint readings. This system is highly
accurate and very fast in recognizing differences between
different fingerprints.
This machine is considered as one of the best machines for
employees and administration staff, where every machine has
its own keypad (number pad), to enter ID number, if needed.
This system can be integrated with Geidea unique attendance
Granding F08
Granding – Access Control Systems
F08 - Features and Advantages:
An algorithmic system for quick entry recognition.
Built-in LINUX operating system. Other operating systems can be integrated as well.
Stand-alone machine linked to the network, or as a one of multiple attendance machines.
Easy to run through its own software, or through Geidea’s attendance software.
Can be run through the internet.
The machines can operate for extended period of time.
The machine saves entries, even during power cuts and blackouts.
It is designed in a stylish way, and it is water and dust resistant.
It can even record voice messages to be played at certain times, such as greeting messages.
The machine can save up to 3000 fingerprints or 50000 number entries.
It has a very fast recognition (less than a second).
Supports Arabic, English, and other languages.
Granding – Access Control Systems
Granding FA2:
The Face Recognition FA2 machine is one of the most
advanced machines developed by Granding.
This machine has its own fast and efficient system, which
enables it to read and recognize faces and fingerprints far
better than a lot of other machines.
With this machine, FA2, the whole face recognition procedure
is faster and more improved. This machine is a very powerful
competitor in the market, that you can rely on.
Granding FA2
Granding – Access Control Systems
FA2 - Features and Advantages:
An algorithmic system for quick entry recognition.
Built-in LINUX operating system. Other operating systems can be installed.
Stand-alone machine linked to the network, or as a one of multiple attendance machines.
Face recognition in light and dark areas, using infrared technology.
The machines can operate for many hours.
The machine saves entries, even during power cuts and blackouts.
The machine was designed in a stylish way, and it is water and dust resistant.
The machine can record voice messages to be played at certain times, such as greeting
A touch colored screen was installed for the ease of use, with six distinctive keys, which can
be programmed to suit your needs.
Supports Arabic, English, and other languages.
The machine can save up to 3000 fingerprints or 50000 number entries.
Hand Punch
Hand Punch – by Ingersoll Rand
Your hand is your card.
This unique machine was developed by ATR Systems
incorporated (Accurate Time Recorders), that was founded in
Initially, Accurate Time Recorders sold and serviced time clocks,
parking systems and master control systems, same industry
where it operates today.
ATR developed its time & attendance systems along with access
control systems, both as a module & a full access control
HandPunch machine verifies employees' identities in less than
one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands. It
also provides a quick return on investment by eliminating the
cost associated with administrating and managing cards or any
other traditional access control systems.
Hand Punch
Hand Punch – by Ingersoll Rand
Features and Advantages:
Eliminates cost associated with administrating and managing cards.
Eliminates Buddy (colleague) Punching.
Verifies employees' identities in less than one second.
Ability to use ID (Employee ID).
Employees can view their attendance records using a single click.
Different communication ports: cable, network, dialup modem, Ethernet.
High quality hand-recognition
System is expandable, either by increasing the number of machines, or upgrading
memory in the machines you have.
Recognizes hand outline, even in the toughest environments.
The hand’s size and shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy.
Hand Punch 1000
Different attendance schedules for different employees.
Door Control features are available in advanced models (T3000 and T4000).
T3000 and T4000 have Bell Schedules features, programmed to signal the beginning or end of a shift, or break.
T4000 notifies employee when he\she punch in or out and has a built-in barcode reader.
Very competitive prices.
Hand Punch
Hand Punch Models – by Ingersoll Rand
HandPunch 1000
This machine is the 2nd generation of HandPunch attendance machines where the system is designed to grow
with your business. Standard user memory provides capacity to register 50 employees with the expandability
of up to 512 users. You can install a dial-up modem and external batteries upon your request.
HandPunch 2000
Designed for small companies needing a simple time and attendance system, that has less than 512
employees. HundPunch 2000 connects quickly, via its RS-232 cable, to allow fast data collection and editing,
such as changing departments entered in the systems.
HandPunch 3000
Developed and designed to suit medium to large sized companies. The HandPunch 3000 offers optional
Ethernet connectivity and multiple memory upgrades to grow with your company's needs.
HandPunch 4000
The HandPunch 4000 supplements the benefits of the 1000, 2000 and 3000 series, in addition to built-in
barcode reader, with extensive data management capabilities and programming flexibilities.
The HandPunch 4000 is the most efficient biometric machine that can track huge number of employees and
communicate with a wide network of other machines.
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications enable callers to query and modify
database information over their telephone using their own human speech or by
Dialing digits on their telephone.
Callers can use their touch-tone pad to input requests, such as ordering a
product, obtaining a work schedule, or requesting account balance information,
and the database speaks information back to the caller using Text-to-Speech.
IVR offers customers and businesses a new level of freedom by enabling them to
conduct transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Businesses of all sizes are realizing the tremendous benefits of IVR applications
for their call processing and information delivery needs.
Interactive Voice Response
Geidea - Interactive Voice Response
Geidea has developed its own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This
system enables clients to execute different operations easily on phone.
Since this system is customizable, it can provide specific information for each
client according to their needs. For example, the system can provide you with
how much you have in your account, other information about your account,
number of speed tickets, student’s transcript, opening and tracking help tickets,
buying or renewing memberships in clubs, and many more examples.
Basically, this system connects the client with information database, which
enables the client to gather information and edit these databases easily.
Geidea IVR provides a software development toolkit, complete with graphical
user interface, providing 32-bit interactive voice response capabilities for the
Windows XP, 2000, & NT platform.
Geidea IVR is the latest version of open IVR tools from Future Links Technologies.
All applications are built using a fast, efficient drag and drop system.
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response Solution:
IVR solution can be customized according to the following procedures:
• Playing Audio file:
The system plays an audio file (pre-recorded file), and waits for the caller to reply.
• Recording Audio file:
The system starts recording the caller’s message, and then it stops, either when the caller presses a designated
button, or when hearing a tone, or when the caller stops recording.
• Get a phone number:
Ask the caller to give you his/her number through a pre-recorded message, the system will then record the
number the caller gives, and then you can play the record.
• Giving specific numbers:
The system say specific number, combination of numbers, separate digits, clock (time format), or prices
(money format).
• Call transfer:
Transferring the call to another extension or another phone number.
• Making phone calls:
The system can make a phone call, or many calls, if there was a specific phone line for carrying out these calls.
• Sending emails:
The system can send emails and attachments.
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response Solution:
• Dealing with Database:
The system can recall, or edit, information in the database.
• Running an application:
The system can run an application and read specific data from that application.
• Time-based control:
The system can carry out programmed procedures automatically if their date and time was preset.
• Mathematical evaluation:
The system can carry out algorithms, with specific variables, and then it can run the system procedures
according the outcomes.
• Running scripts:
The system can run VB and Java scripts.
• Hang-up:
The system will hang up after the phone call is finished.
The previous steps, or procedures, show how you can design (customize) your IVR in a way that fulfills all your
needs and requirements. In Geidea, we will help you accomplish that by providing you a clear roadmap that
suits your requirements, then we will discuss with you the proposed final solution, including hardware,
operating system, maintenance and support.
Geidea Smart Homes – Coming Soon…
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
Geidea Smart Homes - Overview
Geidea Smart Home is fully developed inside Geidea’s
labs to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, and
You can turn your home or office more sophisticated
and a smarter place, where you can control the entire
place by just one click, anytime wherever you are.
This system can also reduce power consumption,
ensure security and make your environment more
beautiful than ever.
Through this system, you can choose the most
suitable options as per your desires.
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
Control Units
GeIdea is providing various control and monitoring methods, that are:
• Wall mounted Touch Panels.
• Smartphones (iPhones, Androids)
• Tablets.
• Laptops
• Desktops
• RF (radio Frequency) remote controls
Ability to control:
Through the wide variety of choices to control everything in the house. For
• Pool pumps
• Lights
• Water heaters
• Drapes\curtains.
• Air conditioning units
• Gates
• TVs and home theaters
• Shutters
• Ventilation systems
• Sound systems
• Anything else can be controlled.
• Water sprinkles
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
• Control methods:
In order to reduce the power consumption, and to allow Geidea Smart Home to
smartly interact, the system can control the house utilities using the following
• Time-based control:
Set timer for curtains and lights to work at certain times.
• Motion-based control:
Lights turn off automatically when the house residents leave the house, or leave a
specific room.
• Day\Night based control:
The system control can identify the sunlight, in order to take certain actions, such as
closing the curtains.
• Weather-based control:
Geidea Smart Home can sense the temperature changes outside and inside the
house, which gives feedback to air conditioning units to turn on/off,
increase/decrease the temperature accordingly.
Interacting Smartly:
The system can read some incidents and act upon the findings:
• All curtains, windows, ventilation systems, main gates turn on and open when the
system senses a fire starting.
• The system starts monitoring and tracking movement when the system identifies
a gate breach attempt.
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
The system sends notifications, regarding main incidents/events in the house, to the
admin, or all users, according to classification, using the following methods:
• Text message notification:
Example: notification when there is a breach incident through one of the gates.
• PING notification:
Example: notification when one of the windows was left open.
• Voice notification:
Your Geidea house will literally speak with you. For an instance, it will greet you when
you arrive home.
Main Modes:
Main Modes can be modified in advance to be used in some frequent situations.
• Travel:
This mode can be set to be utilized when the residents are traveling. This mode will
conserve the power, and keep the security settings active.
• Out of house:
Setting the house to reserve power and keep security settings active.
• Sleeping:
Setting the house to reserve power and keep the security settings active during
sleep time until a specific wake-up time.
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
General Features:
Geidea Smart Home is developed to make your life easier and happier, that is
accomplished through the following advanced features:
• Installing CCTV system that can be monitored remotely through internet or any other
controlling unit.
• Securing gates, windows, and doors with motion sensors, which can detect any breach
or breaking in attempts.
• Light and Sound Siren System.
Geidea Smart Home is equipped with many important sensors, where these sensors notify
the users in case of:
• Smoke detection sensors, in case of fire.
• Water leakage detection sensors
• Gas leakage detection sensors.
• Water-Pool sensors.
Saving Power:
Geidea Smart Home can decrease the electricity bill through the following features:
• Controlling electronic units, based on time.
• Controlling electronic units, based on daylight.
• Controlling lights, based on motion sensors.
• Controlling air conditioning units, based on temperature changes.
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
Peace of mind:
Geidea Smart Home package of features can be only complete with the quietness feature.
This feature basically senses the baby’s crying, notifies the mother by using any
communication method and calls the mother.
Qur’an Kareem & Athan:
Geidea Smart Home is equipped with the full recitation of The Holy Quran, which can be
played over the speakers installed all over the house.
Geidea Smart Home is also equipped with the Athan , which can be played over the
speakers installed all over the house.
With Geidea Smart Home you will have whatever a future house can have. Geidea Smart
Home will provide you with a unique experience.
Design Views (scenes):
You can use the special features of Geidea Smart Home to build templates, imitating your
real life circumstances and fulfilling your needs, using simple clicks on your Tablet PC, or
Smartphone. Geidea Smart Home is developed with predesigned scenes, where you can
use them to control the house utilities. You can design your own scenes, in order to match
your special requirements as much as you want.
• Special (Romantic) Scene
• Dinner Environment
• Design your Scene
• Study Environment
• Party Environment
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
Rhythmic Lighting:
This feature will make your party more energetic when using the rhythmic lighting, which
rhymes with the music.
Listen to your favorite radio station through the speakers distributed all over the house.
You can use Geidea Smart Home system to have an idea about the weather. The system
can know the weather using thermometers, hygrometers, other utilities added to the
system, or weather forecast online.
Geidea Smart Home is developed and equipped to bring you the most read newspapers to
the tips of your fingers, whenever you want through the wall-mounted touch screen.
Playing Sound Tracks:
Play your favorite sound tracks through the speakers distributed all over the house.
Geidea Smart Home is equipped with a free internal communication system, with different
smart home utilities, using text or video communication methods. Following applications
are just examples:
Smart Homes – Coming Soon
Call children to their rooms using video calls.
Sending reminding messages to the husband’s smart phone, to remind him with the
household requirements, using the wall-mounted touch screen.
And many more.
Set the alarm to wake you up in the morning, open the curtains, and turn on a nice alarm
or a recitation from the Holy Quran
Special Installation Features:
• Wireless communication:
The system uses wireless communications, which dramatically reduces caballing.
• Stand-alone utilities:
Every utility in this Smart Home is a stand-alone, where it has its own controlling unit,
which communicates with the main servers through wireless communications. This can
make any further expansion easier, faster, and cost efficient. This will also allow installing
other utilities individually, rather than fixed packages.
Stand-alone System:
Geidea Smart Home can be installed as a stand-alone system, which does not interfere
with manually controlling lights and other home utilities.
Geidea Software & Data Systems
Geidea Software
& Data Systems
Mobile Data Systems, Collector, Ticketing, Online Barcoding
Data Collectors Terminals used for inventory
taking and van sales with a Bluetooth portable
Geidea Software
& Data Systems
Geidea Software Packages
At Geidea, we have more than 10 different Software Packages like Customer Care Systems, Time
Enterprise, IVR & SMS, Fixed Assets, Barcode & retails Solution, Smart Card systems, etc.
- Card printers & Card Issuing.
- Inventory & Data collection.
- Geidea has 2 development houses (Riyadh & Bangalore).
- Large research team consisting of System Analysts, Software developers & smartcard developers
who have developed and implemented various unique systems in the Middle East.
- High-quality solutions to its customers proving that Geidea is a partner you can trust!
Customer Care – Help Desk
Jewelry Tracking
Smart Card
Fixed Assets Controlling
Smart Homes
POS - Loyalty
Geidea Services
Geidea Services:
Site Acquisition……………………………….… 95
WiMax (Survey, I&R)………………………….... 97
Cell on Wheel (COW) Supply, I&R………….. 98
FO & UTP Network Installation……………….. 99
Geidea Hajj Project………………………….. 101
Tools & Materials:
- Digital Camera
- Compass (Digital)
- Binocular
- Drawing Tools (pencil, paper, etc.)
- Computer
- Reflection Mirror
- Pathloss Software
Documents Needed:
- (ISR) initial survey report.
- Memorandum of Understanding.
- Polar Diagram.
- Panoramic Picture.
- Site Survey Report (SSR).
- Site Design Drawings (Access,
Layout & Elevation.
- Lease Agreement.
- (LOS) Line of Site Report.
Work Group:
- One Communication Eng.
- One RF Eng.
- One Surveyor.
- One Negotiator.
SSO: Site Search Order.
ISR: Initial Site Report.
MW LOS: Microwave Line of Sight.
RF FSS: RF Final Site Survey.
SSR: Site Search Report.
LA: Lease Agreement.
BP: Building Permit.
(3 candidates)
Rental Request
WiMax Service
Site Survey, Installation and Maintenance
Services for WiMax.
Scope of work:
(a) Site Survey.
(b) Install SUOs (Subscriber Unit Outdoor).
(c) Maintain the same in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance
with the Specifications, within the Time Period and in accordance
with the terms and conditions of Customer Agreement.
Tools and Materials:
Digital Camera.
Measuring Tape (50) m.
Compass (digital is preferable).
Complete Tools Box + Drilling machine.
WiMax Service
Cell On Wheel (COW): (Supply, installation and O&M).
Geidea provides the following:
- COW supply with transportation.
- COW installation.
- COW O&M.
- COW Dismantle.
- One year warranty.
- Free Training.
It consists of the following:
- Trailer and Suspension.
- Shelter.
- Mast.
- Generator.
- Air-conditioning system.
- Fire Alarm System.
- Power systems (AC/DC).
- Grounding.
- Lighting.
- Cable Ladders.
FO & UTP Network
FO & UTP Network Installation, Testing & Commissioning:
Geidea technicians are a specialist in design, installation, termination and testing
of fiber optic cabling systems based in Riyadh, KSA. Its founders have a second to
none reputation as specialist telecommunications contractors with all the
requisite management skills and resources necessary to deliver construction and
maintenance services to its clients.
Geidea has the latest fiber optic installation and termination equipment; Fujikura
FSM-60S splicer and Anritsu MT9083 OTDR tester and we can offer the following
Fiber Optic Cable installation Service
Fiber Optic Cable Termination Service
Data Cabling Installation Service
OSP & Civil Services
FO & UTP Network
Fiber Optic Cable Installation:
Our fiber optic installation engineers have the experience working in many
different environments; internal/external, data centers, hospitals and schools.
Fiber Optic Cable Termination, Jointing/Splicing and Testing:
Geidea is a specialist in the termination of multimode and single mode
fiber optic cabling infrastructures, We have the latest fiber optic termination
equipment; Fujikura FSM-60S splicer and Anritsu MT9083 OTDR tester.
Data Cabling Installation:
We are current with the latest structured cabling technology. We use the most
modern equipment to test and certify all cables to the latest standards.
OSP & Civil Services:
- Excavation
- Trenching
- Directional boring
- In-line trenching
- Breakouts
- Re-instatement
- Supply and installation of pits and manholes
- Supply and installation of conduits
- Concreting and asphalt works.
Geidea Hajj Project
Geidea Hajj Project
Project Sales Strategy:
In this project we applied the Business to Consumer sales strategy which is one
of the most expensive sales strategies, as it requires more manpower and sales
And this is very clear from the locations, kiosks, outlets, etc. which we selected
for our sales operations.
During this project we tried to match our strategy with Zain’s strategy, where
the end consumer is the main target.
Our list of Partners who had a great effect on our success:
Zain telecom
Eagle Star Company
Rotana Company
Bin Dawood Company
Unlimited Lines
Geidea Hajj Project
Geidea Hajj Project
Cities & Locations covered during Hajj:
• Jeddah
• Makkah
• Madinah
• Arafat
• Muzdalifa
• Mina
• Haram
• Accomodation
• Riyadh Makkah Highway
• Jeddah Makkah Highway
• Madinah Makkah Highway
Sea Port:
• Jeddah Islamic Port
• Debah Sea Port
• KAIA (Hajj terminal)
• Madinah Airport
Land Port:
• Hadithah
• HaltAmar
Bin Dawood:
• Al Shisha Makkah
• Al Aziziah Makkah
• Movenpick Madinah
• Taibah Madinah
• Abyar Ali
• Yalamlm
• Taniem
• Al Sael Al Kabeer
• Joranah
• Johfah
• Qaba
• Qablatain
Geidea Clients
Geidea Clients
For More Information:
T: +966 1 465 2881
F: +966 1 465 2882
Toll free: 800 128 8000
P.O.Box 246868, Code 11312,
Dabbab St. Canary Center, Office
No. 112
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Thank You
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