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Atomic Structure QuizName

Atomic Structure Quiz
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You may use a calculator and a periodic table for this quiz. Please read quietly when finished.
List the subatomic particles found in an atom. Include the charge, location and mass for each.
Draw and label all parts of an atom.
Fill in the blank for the following sentences.
The ____________________________ gives the identity of an element as well as its location on
the periodic table.
To calculate ________________________________________, you must add the
___________________and ________________ together.
5. In a neutral element the number of protons will be equal to the number of _________________.
True or false. If false, you must correct the statement using the correct terminology.
Only two elements share the same atomic number.
The atomic number for silver is 108.
8. Atomic mass is calculated by adding the number of protons, neutrons and electrons.
Use the periodic table provided to answer the following questions. Identify the following elements:
87 protons
10. 20 protons
11. 83 neutrons, 52 protons
12. Calculate the atomic mass for an element with 53 protons, 74 neutrons and 53 electrons.
What is the name of this element?
13. An element has 76 protons, an atomic mass of 190, and 76 electrons. Calculate the number of
neutrons in the nucleus of this element. Identify this element using the information provided.
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