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School Rules

Sir Herbert Leon Academy
School/Class Rules and Reminders, SY 2019-2020
Dr. Reynand F. Dumala-on, Teacher of Science
C1 = Warning
C2 = Detention half hour
C3 = Detention one hour and/or parent conference
Cellphone/electronic game devices are strictly not allowed. First offense is warning, successive violations
will be detention.
Students must always obey the teachers. Each student has a certain rights but when he/she disrupts
learning atmosphere, he/she loses that rights.
Respect is required all the times. Call home and parent conference will be done depending on severity.
Food and drinks are not allowed all the time except in the cafeteria (refer to Student Handbook). You
must ask permission from the teacher or step outside the door.
Technology (laptops, tablets, phones) are not allowed.
Students should come to class with complete tools (paper, pencils, etc.). These are not teacher’s
Do not ask to go somewhere/bathroom while the teacher is in the middle of discussion. If you have signed
pass to go to anywhere, come back within five minutes or else you will be recommended for detention
because of loitering or mark absent.
Raise your hand if you have concerns, don’t talk if not called unless open discussion is allowed. If you got
concerns but didn’t raise hand, you won’t be addressed.
The following will be zero tolerance and for detention/phone call upon committing.
a. Threatening, intimidating, physical/verbal abuse to school teacher/staff.
b. Possession of weapons (fire arms, knife, etc.)
c. Fighting, arson, threat, assault, verbal threats, theft, disrespect, invasion of privacy, vandalism,
fighting, obscenity, bullying, profanity,
Refusal and defiance to follow teacher’s direct request (leave the room/clean/arrange mess/chairs) will
be recommended for detention.
Cheating will get automatic zero, forging/lying, frequent zero on test will be detention.
Observe appropriate dress code. Wear the prescribed uniform.
Overt display of affection (hugging, holding hands, inappropriate student contact) will face consequences.
Assisting with/or encouraging rule violations (to violate, attempt to violate the established rules of the
school, to fight, assisting/purposely observe sexually improper actions). Recommendation for detention
and/or parent conference
Always wear school ID.
Be reminded of the “Listen Now Clap”. If the teacher is clapping twice that means ATTENTION PLEASE!
Turning in of assignment: If we check, just forward it to the person in front of you, no need to stand.
No yelling/shouting/dancing/singing in the class (especially during instruction).
Notebook and notetaking are required. I grade for quiz, homework, project, test, and class participation.
You are not allowed to leave the class without a pass and going to the bathroom during instruction is
strongly discouraged.
All students are required to adhere to the established rules otherwise consequences will occur.
Voice Level
0 = zero noise
1 = within your seatmate
2=within your table
3 = open forum
Student Signature: _____________________________
Parent Signature: _____________________________
*Please turn in this paper the next day for recording.
Note: 1. Teacher has still the discretion to determine and weigh the level of offenses.
Further rules may be set if necessary.
2. With regard to make-up work, the student has the responsibility to ask the teacher.