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Computer Science Python Basics

Computer Science Quiz One
1. Convert the number 67 to binary (2 points)
2. Convert the number 101100 to decimal (2 points)
3. What does the operation “modulus” do? If I write 17%10 what is my answer? What
about 17%2? (2 points)
4. Consider this expression:
Y = X + 2.0
X = “dog”
Z = X + “house”
Print (x, y, z)
a) What gets printed to the screen by Print(x, y, z)? (3 points)
b) In the expression X = 7, what is X called? (2 points)
c) Is 7 a float number or an integer? (2 points)
d) In the expression Y = X + 2.0, is 2.0 a float or an integer? (2 points)
e) In the expression X = “dog”, is X an integer type or a string type? (2 points)
f) What is the name of the operation performed by + in the expression Z = X +
“house”? (2 points)
g) What is it called when we give a variable a value? (2 points)
h) Define function. Are these lines of code considered functions? (2 points)
Match these operations with their symbols (4 points):
a) Divide, multiply
b) Addition, subtraction
_______ + _______ %
c) Exponent
_______ / *
d) Modulus
_______ **
Consider the following code snippets. Are they proper functions? If they are not, what are they
missing? What do the print when we execute them?
a) Def first():
Print (“I am a function”)
2 points
b) Def second
Print (“I am a function”)
2 points
c) Def main():
String = First()
Print (string + “that calls on another function”)
2 points