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I am Mary Daniel De Castro

I am Mary Daniel De Castro, your Technical Director of BulSU Cinephilia. The
newly formed department of BC emerged from our previous department: the
Production Department. Wherein we are responsible for visual appealing
promo materials and video outputs for the organization. Our job is to ensure
accurate and realistic outputs needed by the others departments as possible
and mold BC members proficiency in all possible skills needed any
production. Whether you see yourself in camera operations or
cinematography to post-production editing and fast color.
Name | Department | Aim | Importance/Job of their department| Short
Promotion of BC Hunt Theme & Message to Freshies (!!! Dep Heads )
. Our department’s job is to asses, think, and explore to figure out what we
got to do.
Hello CAL freshies,
I believe that we cannot tell where the choices we make will take us, same in
the world of technology, with just one click it will propel us to exploration
and progress.
So, let me invite you to join the hunt and shift to the techy world!
Mary Margaret Magat
Marketing and Digital Promotions Head