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poems (irregular verbs)

It was on a starry night,
The stars were friendly and bright.
I went for a walk in Sherwood,
I wanted to meet Robin Hood.
He cut his leg on Sunday,
He cut his leg on Monday,
He cuts it everyday.
Will he cut it today?
He set a new world record.
That news spread very fast.
He stopped fooling around.
And reached the Moon at last.
You stepped on my tortoise!
You did it on purpose!
The car hit the fence.
The bus hit the fence.
They both hit the fence.
And it didn’t make any sense.
I had some time to spend.
I went to see my friend.
I rode a bike; I rode a horse.
And I played outdoors.
He beat me at chess,
He beat me at tennis,
He hurt my feelings,
And went to Venice.
The sun rose high,
And shone so bright
Up in the sky,
Giving us light.
It cost a pound
To buy a hound.
It cost a frank
To buy a tank.
Liz drove us home,
Me and my dad.
But she chattered so much,
That she drove me mad.
I put my basket
On the floor.
I spread my arms
And shut the door.
I wrote a letter to Pat
About my bird and my cat.
I wrote about my dog.
I wrote about my frog.
‘I bet he bet
On that old horse’.
‘Did he lose?’
‘Of course!’
I sat on the floor
At nice wooden door.
My telephone rang.
I heard the music and sang.
Bob let his sister
Take his plane.
He never saw
His plane again.
I often swam,
When I was two.
And now I swim,
When I am blue.
The puppy went to the shore,
The kitten went to the store.
Why did they go there?
I don’t know, I don’t care.
Two years ago
I had a nice bow.
I don’t have it now.
But I have a toy cow.
She made the silly, awful mistake
Because she worked without a break!
Now she makes no mistakes
Because she has a lot of breaks.
That was the sound
That I heard
And then I saw
A pretty bird.
She read my mind,
She read my thoughts.
And she said nothing
‘Who saw my dog?’
‘I’, said the frog,
‘But it didn’t see me
Behind a big tree’.
I drank some milk,
I drank some tea,
And one glass of juice
I spilled on my knee.
I asked a little boy
To give me his toy.
He gave me his bear
He gave me his hare.
I missed the train
That Kevin caught.
I missed the course
That Kevin taught.
I began that work on Monday.
And I finished it on Sunday.
I lay on my pillow,
I lay in my bed
With wonderful dreams,
In my busy head.
My friend Melissa bought
A sweet and tasty cake.
But after that she thought,
‘I’d better buy a steak’.
A wise old owl
Lived in an oak.
The more it watched
The less it spoke.
My brothers are twins,
And they always fight.
They fought yesterday
For a beautiful kite.
I chose to live in New York,
But somebody broke my fork.
I chose to live in Bombay,
But somebody stole my clay.
I brought some food
To the tame forest deer.
And then I thought,
‘What brought me here?’
This morning I woke up late,
And then I went on a date.
It was cold outside and I froze.
I was never able to propose.
Mom gave me advice,
And I bore it in mind.
But I keep it in secret from the whole mankind.
Val found a chair,
And sold it at the fair.
I wound up my watch,
I wound up my car.
And drove away to meet
A beautiful film star.
My mummy told me
A bedtime story.
I didn’t hear it.
I’m so sorry!
Kat ground some coffee,
She ground some wheat.
She did me a favour,
She is so sweet!
My friend became a teacher,
He teaches little kids.
And I became a preacher,
I pray for all his needs.
I came home late,
Maybe at eight.
I ate some bread,
And went to bed.
I got to my house,
It was in a mess.
I went my girlfriend’s,
But forgot her address.
Who shot the shot
That cut the knot?
My friend Jack the Happy
Once won the best prize.
He won a great nappy
Of a very big size.
Terrible doubts
Tore Ann apart.
Who should she marry
And give all her heart?
My sister always shows off,
And for her birthday party
She wore a wig,
She wore high heels,
And pretended she was smarty.
He swore
He could do more.
I knew an old big bear
That didn’t say its prayers.
I drew it by its hair,
And threw it downstairs.
A naughty bee
Stung my cheek.
It swelled so much,
I couldn’t speak.
Ted built a castle
Of his dream,
And then he ate
A fruit ice cream.
Bobby asked me long ago,
‘How did your garden grow?’
I didn’t know how it grew.
That was the secret Granny knew.
I stood still
Looking at the hill.
Sam lent me
His scooter.
And I lent him
My computer.
When the wind blew,
My kite flew
Up in the sky,
And told me, ‘Good-bye’.
‘Why did you catch this crow?’
‘Because it bit my toe.’
‘Which toe did it bite?’
‘This toe on the right.’
‘I hid my treasure in a chest’, a kind old pirate
‘But where did you hide the chest?’
‘Oh, I’m sorry, I forget’.
Ted lit a candle
In the dark,
And saw a scary
Toothy shark.
Jim dug a hole
And found a mole.
I hung a picture
On the wall.
I think that very
Soon it’ll fall.
It took me a week
To learn that verse.
It made me dizzy,
But it could be worse.
Nobody understood that rule.
That’s why se couldn’t use this tool.
He held her hand,
He held it tight.
He was so noble,
Like a real knight.
Pam laid the table for her friend,
And met him at the door.
He ate the food, and drank the drinks,
And ran away at four.
John fell in love with Alice,
And walked like in a dream.
He didn’t look around him,
And fell into a stream.
Tom paid a pound
For some meat and fish.
He fed his hound
On a wonderful dish.
I sent my dad a card
Saying I worked very hard.
I sent my mum a letter
Saying I needed a sweater.
I spent a day
To make a tray.
I spent a dollar
To buy a collar.
He kept me waiting
All the day.
I lost my temper
And went away.
‘I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I meant you no harm’,
He said to his friend Sally
Using all his charm.
Last night I slept tight,
And felt all right.
Sam dealt with the problem,
But left it behind.
He didn’t keep trying
And swore in his mind.