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Romeo and juliet essay

1. Romeo and Juliet and Australian Rules explore both the
best and worst in human relationships.’
Sentence 1:
Sentences 2/3:
Sentences 4/5:
Human relationships are an intricate phenomenon that require a
strong connection in order to thrive.
When people have a strong connection, their relationship most likely
brings the best out in both of them and is beneficial to each party.
If the connection is not strong, the relationship can become hateful,
violent and even create murderous tendencies as depicted in both
The texts illustrate two lovers who, contrary to external
circumstances, find love in each other. In Romeo and Juliet, the pair
find each other and trouble follows, the trouble tests their
relationship and connection. Australian rules however, outlines a pair
of teenagers who find each other through hardship and support each
other through the tough times.
Sentences 6/7
The ancient grudge introduced immediately in the prologue of Romeo
and Juliet instils hate and violence between two rich families who
despise each other for no real reason other than the stigmatisation
created through this ancient grudge. On the other hand, Australian
rules also embodies an ancient grudge but rather than being because
of families or power, it is fuelled by racial discrimination and
Sentence 8
Love driven from hate, hate driven from love, these texts truly show
the best and worst of human relationships.
Body Para 1
Sentence 1:
romantic love is a bond between two that cuts through circumstantial
conditions and regardless of situation, the bond never breaks.
Sentences 2-6
Romeo and Juliet beautifully shows how when people are mad in
love, they will stop at nothing to keep the relationship strong. This
was shown when Romeo entered the Capulet household just to see
Juliet. “For stony limits cannot hold love out”. He risks the
confidentiality of their relationship and even possibly his life, just to
see Juliet. Their romantic love is established when they first kiss and
their connection becomes evident, the way they can immediately
retain an intimate conversation almost as if they have known each
other for years, displays how the two’s relationship will become one of
romance and love” Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged,”
“Then have my lips the sin that they have took.”
. Ensure you use quotes to support your ideas
Sentences 7
while Australian rules possesses many traits regarding love and
connection like the ones in Romeo and Juliet, it is also quite dissimilar
in regards to Romeo and Juliet’s love at first sight theme. Clarence and
Blackie crossed paths multiple times and there was always a romantic
awkwardness about their interactions but it was not until conflict
between Dunby and Blackie arose when they truly explored this
connection. Similarly to Romeo and Juliet, their conversation flowed
effortlessly and they both were able to play along with the romantic
conversation that arose. “Gary black, the supernova of seduction has
the gorgeous Clarence under his cosmic spell.” This led to their kiss
which began a relationship that eventually led to the pair seeking a
better life and leaving the town together.
Sentence 8
The romantic love in Australian rules shows the comforting and
empathetic side of romance, through tough times, Blackie and
Clarence found a shoulder to cry on, each other’s. This emotional
vulnerability brought them closer together and created a romantic
bond that they promise to be ever long. “you are my first, my last, my
everything.” This symbolises their immediate dedication to each other
through tough times.
Sentence 9
Body Para 3
The texts explore the subtle elegance of romantic relationships, while
each relationships have different features, they are equally
Sentence 1:
conflict is a surprisingly prominent theme in romantic relationships, it
truly shines light on both the best and worst of human nature.
Arguments can arise because someone is truly concerned in another
person’s safety and they can also begin because of hatred and
Sentences 2-6
In Romeo and Juliet, the ancient grudge leads to violence, death and hate.
The Montague and Capulet families have an ancient grudge that instils hateful values and
violent tendencies. But, Australian rules’ grudge regards racial
background and colour of skin. Both grudges cause conflict, hate and
eventually lead to death and injury. Similarly to Romeo and Juliet, the
father figure of Blackie, is abusive and cannot fathom being turned on
or disobeyed, this is a key reason as to why he left the family when
Gary stood up to him and refused to put up with him. Unlike Gary.
and Clarence’s which situation ended with them leaving the town
happily, Romeo and Juliet both ended up dead. This could be a
modern representation of Romeo and Juliet’s death, instead of the
pair paying the ultimate price for love they give up their old lives to be
with each other. The giving up of their old life and leaving the town
they love could have been seen as the ultimate price before the
conflict arose.
Sentence 8
the film clearly displayed racism and violence, the entire climax began
with an act of violence. Once Blackie intercepted the “thumper” by
blocking him and effectively kamikazeing himself, the grand final was
won but many more violent acts then came afterwards.
Sentence 9
human relationships can be manipulated by emotions and with a
combination of the wrong emotions, a good relationship can quickly
turn bad.
When a group of people come together, the type of relationship
created can vary depending on the party’s attitude and approach to
the relationship. A bad attitude can create a violent, hate filled
relationship, but a good attitude can create a mutual friendship of
even a romantic relationship.
Shakespeare suggests that hateful human relationships can only be
repaired through romantic love, this was shown through Romeo and
Juliet’s relationship. On the other hand, Goldman suggests that any
sort of love can unite a group of people, for example, the boys love
for footy created a special bond that not even racial differences could
get in the way of.
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