Welcome to 6th Grade Science Syllubus

Welcome to Miss Chen’s 6th Grade Science!!!
Hello 6th Grader and Parent! My name is Miss Chen and we have an exciting year ahead of us! To make our class
time more enjoyable and educational for each of you, I’d like to explain some of my procedures and
CLASSROOM POLICIES for Ms. Chen’s Class (Room 209 or During Intervention):
A. Supplies: To be brought to class EVERY DAY.
1. Science Notebook
2. Sharpened Pencils
3. Red Pen
4. Blue Dry Erase (Expo) Marker
5. Homework (in Homework Folder)
6. Do Now Binder
7. 12 Pack of Colored Pencils
8. Loose leaf notebook paper IN Do Now Binder
Recommended to Bring: Index Cards for Vocab Words, Earbuds for Chrome Book Assignments
When any of these supplies are missing, you will receive an unprepared dojo. After the 3rd, 4th, and 5th
unprepared, you will be required to complete a writing assignment and be given a parent contact.
NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM BECAUSE OF LAB SAFETY: Opened food (unless permitted by teacher,
Lunches should be bagged and go in basket in the corner), personal bags (must be in locker), Water bottles,
Slime/ Putty, Sprays of Any Sort, Lotions (fumes can react with classroom chemicals), cell phones, baggy jackets
B. Homework
1. How often do I get homework? You will receive a homework bundle sheet(s) for the week every Friday
and 3 certain Thursdays (10/11/18, 2/7/19, 4/18/19).
2. When is it checked? Homework will be checked for COMPLETION every day for 5 points per day. These
are easy points, all you have to do is complete every homework problem to the best of your ability. Never
leave a problem blank. Consult your notes or ask someone for help if you are confused.
3. What if I’m absent? If you KNOW you will be absent on a Friday (or one of the 3 Thursday), it is your
responsibility to tell Miss Chen ahead of time to obtain an answer key so you can make corrections, turn it in
before you leave, as well as grab a new homework for the next week. On any other day, Miss Chen will
check your homework for the day you missed and that day’s homework at the same time. If you have a
sudden absence, you are expected to grab missed homework from the RED Make Up work folder in the back
the day you come back, ask a classmate for missed notes, and have the homework completed up to the next
school day.
4. When is it collected? You will have a chance to grade your own homework and correct it in a RED PEN at
the end of the week. At that point, your homework bundle sheet or packet will be collected the Friday the
WEEK AFTER or on the 3 Thursday as listed in #1. If you do not turn in your homework with corrections in
red pen on it, you will lose 5 points from the total 30 you can receive. Write your name, date, and block
number on EVERY homework.
5. You may (and should) ask another student or parent for help about how to work a problem. They may
give you hints, guide you through the problem, or check your work to help you locate mistakes. However, if
you copy another person’s homework or allow someone to give you an answer without working it out on
your own, you are cheating.
6. Amount of Homework: Typically the homework is 1 page back and front divided into different
assignments for each day to be done and turned in at the end of the week. The teacher reserves the right to
assign more or less based on class progress and mastery of subject matter, to either the whole class, specific lab
groups, or individuals all for completion grades.
7. Consequences for Missed Homework:
a. 5 Missing Assignments: A parent contact will be sent out. (Parent from this day forth with need to
contact me about homework weekly on dojo or email for two weeks).
b. 3 More Missing Assignment: If parents contacted twice, you will need your parents to start
checking and sending a message back to me on Fridays that they checked your homework each
night and signing at bottom of homework.
8. Homework Passes
o Miss Chen’s homework pass for science (or any Dean given homework pass) will be accepted for full
credit ONE homework if the pass is given the DAY OF the assignment’s due date. Passes will be
recorded in the grade book and then marked for discarding.
o HOW TO EARN PASSES (Classroom Jobs): Miss Chen does give out homework passes as a reward for
those who have a classroom job and do it diligently and correctly for 20 days. Essentially, that
student could earn 1 homework pass per month.
C. Late Work: With the exception of unplanned absences, all work must be turned in on time. When a
homework assignment is not completed on time, it will receive a 0. Habitually turning in work late is not
D. Do Now/ ENGAGE Binder
Do Nows are to be done inside the Do Now/ ENGAGE Binder on notebook and kept to help study for quizzes/
tests. All graded homework and assignments are also to be kept in the science section of the do now binder.
E. Notes (Composition Notebook)
Each student will keep a composition notebook of science notes. These will provide procedures and
examples of how to solve problems and should be used when completing homework and studying. These notes
can be collected for grading at anytime to ensure student accountability for taking them.
F. Labs or Projects- Labs or Projects will be given every almost every two weeks.
1. Labs: Failure to uphold prohibited supplies rules and behavior will factor into participation in hands on
labs. Lab equipment and chemicals can be dangerous and cause serious injuries if not used properly therefore
reckless behavior will NOT be tolerated nor will bringing in equipment that could pose danger to the student,
their peers, or their family. A history on class dojo of reckless behavior will be grounds for lab exclusion and an
alternative assignment for the sake of the students’ safety.
2. Projects: Expected to be done in class to be the best quality possible. A few projects with be individual
but most will be group and based on lab groups. Some projects are 1 day projects and some will be an extended
amount of time. All students in group are expected to work together and be on task at all times. Students found
to be off task, talking about things OTHER than the science behind the project, or not contributing to group will
be given an extra assignment and homework to make up for lost learning time.
G. Testing Expectations
We will have a quiz once a week, for almost every week in the school year; no more than two weeks of
material might be covered before a quiz or test. It will be between 20-60 points depending on how much
material is covered. Every test is multiple choice with a personalized bubble sheet and testing packet of
questions. All bubble sheets MUST be completed in pencil and bubbled in neatly (see below) or a 0% will be
given because the bubble sheets are electronically graded and if it’s unreadable, that is on the student.
1. Clear everything off desk except a pencil ONLY.
2. Silently put blue divider up.
3. Silently write test name and date on your bubble sheet.
3. Silently write your name and date on the test packet.
4. Timer: ready, set, START the test!
5. Questions about the test? Will only be answered with a silent raised
hand. All other questions will have to wait until after the timer goes off.
6. Done Early? Triple check your answers and silently put your head down
so teacher knows when the whole class is done.
***Talking, Distraction, Using Pen, or Cheating is an Automatic 0% or failure
on test
H. Grading –point system (Percentages are estimates that may vary depending on the number of assignments.)
Tests: 50-100 points each
Quizzes: 20-40 points each
Homework: 30 points/ packet*
Labs/ Projects: 40-100 points each
In Class Participation: 5-10 points each*
 Includes Bookwork, Digital Lessons, Notes
# Per Quarter
1-2 Tests
4-7 Quizzes
5 assignments a week in 1 packet/ bundle
5-9 Labs or Projects
*Usually graded with a check system: ✓++ = 5 pts ✓+ = 4 pts ✓ =3 pts ✓- = 2 pts  = 1 points O = 0 pts
 ALL WORK should have First Name, Last Name, Date, and Block Number on the top of the paper. Failure to
include a name will result in a 0.
I. Science Fusion Curriculum: We will be using the Science Fusion 6th grade curriculum this year which will have
online labs and lessons on the Chrome Books that require listening to the lesson.
Virtual Labs/ Digital Lessons: Will be used for in class and intervention. Each Virtual Lab comes with a
rubric checklist that requires students to answer questions in the Science Fusion Notepad module. They will
need a dry erase marker to check off their checklist. Any students caught on YouTube, music sites, social
media, or other sites not related to Science Fusion will immediately receive a 0, a possible extra assignment to
make up, and/or a timeout to reflect on poor decisions. This work is INDEPENDENT and therefore at a level 0.
Textbook Assignments: Assignments in the class Textbook will also be assigned and required to
complete for In-Classwork grades. This work is INDEPENDENT and therefore at a level 0 unless worked on with
the teacher.
J. Tardiness
1. If you are late because you were needed by a teacher or staff member, you must bring a pass from that
teacher/staff member in order to be excused.
2. When you enter the classroom late (with or without a pass), enter so as not to distract the rest of the
class. Silently enter the room, hand the teacher your pass, and join the rest of the class in our activity.
3. Unexcused tardies result in 5 negative dojo points effective immediately and a writing assignment.
K. Absence
When you are absent, you are responsible to make up all the work you missed.
Check the red absent folder behind the door to see what you missed.
Copy the notes you missed from a friend or ask the teacher after school for a copy.
Make up any homework assignments you missed as soon as possible.
Make up any tests/quizzes you missed.
Discipline Plan for Ms. Chen’s Class (Room 209 or Intervention)
A. Five Classroom Rules
Follow directions quickly.
Raise your hand for permission to speak.
Raise your hand for permission to the get out of your seat.
Make wise decisions.
Listen to your teacher at all times.
B. CHAMPS (When in doubt, follow CHAMPS now!)- The CHAMPS Poster expectation are to be followed at all
times. Most classroom issues arise when CHAMPS is not followed.
C- Conversation Level
H- To Get Help
A- Activity
C. Entering and Exiting the Room
When You Enter the Room
1. Walk calmly into the room, leaving behind
prohibited items and making sure required supplies
are in order (pencils sharpened, etc.)
2. Sit in your assigned seat and check the CHAMPS
3. Clear everything off your desk except a pencil and
do now binder
4. Look at the board and get started on your do now
5. When done with Do Now, check over Do Now until
the timer goes off.
M- Movement
S- Success
When You Leave the Room
1. Gather all your stuff neatly + sit silently
2. Silently stand up and check that you have all things
3. Push in your chair neatly
4. Silently line up on your correct number
5. Walk out to your next class or transition quietly in
a single file line.
D. Restroom: In general, students will have five 5 minute during each transition to use the restroom and are to
do so during those times. There are about 8 transitions a day giving students plenty of time (40 minutes) a day
to use the restroom. Other that these transition times, bathroom usage is prohibited the first 15 and last 15
minutes of class, during quizzes/ tests, and during note taking time. During testing, bathroom breaks are not
allowed except for designated bathroom break times and unless accompanied by a dean. Outside of these
times, each student has 2 bathroom passes with their name on it to use the restroom PER QUARTER. The
restroom break will be timed to be 3 minutes long. If the student returns after the timer has gone off, the
student will receive a consequence. Once the student has used up their passes for Miss Chen’s class for the
week, they will not to able to use the restroom again for room 209 until the beginning of the next quarter when
all the popsicle sticks are restarted. Any students who do NOT use their passes for the whole quarter be
rewarded at end of the week. Any abuse of bathroom privileges may result in semi-permanent or permanent
removal of the student’s pass.
E. Class Dojo: Will be used to keep track of behavior. All students who would like to participate in Fun Friday,
Dances, Behavior Bash, field trips, and etc. must have their parent on Class Dojo.
80% or above on Class Dojo on the last day of the week = Fun Friday
Lower than 50% on Dojo at the end of the week will result in an afterschool detention the next week
F. The Student Parent Handbook: Other unlisted expectations are outlined in the hand book, please refer to it,
specifically pages 26-28 for more details.
If You Choose to Break a Rule
Level 0: Good Standing (Green)
Consistent obeying of CHAMPS expectations/ behavior expectations result in good standing for the student.
Level 1: Written Warning (Yellow)
Every student receives a a verbal reminder to CHAMPS at the beginning of class or physical reminder to CHAMPS
(walking by and taping on desk or discreet hand signal alluding to CHAMPS) by the teacher will be given to
student. Breaking of expectations after 1 reminder will result in a written warning in the form of the student’s
name, initials, or seat number being written on the board. This is just a WARNING; the student is not in trouble
yet but will be if the action continues. EXCEPTION: Students who daily do not follow expectations may not get a
reminder due to needing a higher-level intervention for behavior plan.
Level 2: One Check Mark (Blue)
Breaking the expectations again will, depending on the nature of the situation, result in a time out, and/ or
writing assignment. Depending on the nature of the broken expectation, student may be given additional class
assignments to make up for time lost. Writing assignments are automatic parent contacts for the parent will
have to look over the completed assignment and sign it. Other negative dojos may be given depending on type
of behavior infraction.
Level 3: Two Check Marks (Red)
Continued breaking of behavior expectations in one class will result in an automatic loss of privilege (loss of lab,
loss of transition, loss of privilege to choose seat during class rotation activity, separation from the class such as
isolation of seat/ extended time outs, loss of participation in Engineering enrichment section of class, loss of
bathroom pass, etc.), writing assignment, and parent contact. Depending on the severity of the situation,
detentions and transitions may be taken away. Continued or flagrant violations will result in a detention
and/or exclusion from grade level privileges (Fun Friday, Behavior Bash Dances, Field Trips, etc).
Writing Assignments: All writing assignments are to be finished the day given. The writing assignments are
simply 2 multiple choice questions, 3 short answers, and copying down 10 sentences on the related broken
expectation. Writing Assignments will be copied so student can bring it home and have a parent sign it or
scanned and emailed to parent. Failure to finish a writing assignment during time given may result in a detention
or loss of privilege until assignment is done.
Of course students who come prepared to be successful, follow CHAMPS, and are engaged scholars in learning
will be rewarded! Rewards include but are not exclusively: 1. Verbal Praise, 2. Positive Notes Home 3. Positive
Dojo Points/ Shoutouts  Fun Friday (80% on Dojo or Above), 4. Homework Passes, 5. Bathroom passes, and 6.
An orderly, safe, and productive learning environment where science is FUN!
Contact Information: Feel free to contact me at any time via first ClassDojo and then email
([email protected]). If contacted after schools hours or over the weekend, please allow until the next
school day to get a response.
STUDENTS: I have read this classroom procedures and expectations and discipline plan and understand it. I will
honor it while in Miss Chen’s class.
Signature _____________________________
PARENTS: My child has discussed the classroom procedures and discipline plan with me. I understand it and will
support it.
Signature _____________________________
TEACHER: I will strive to be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan for Room 209.
Signature: Miss Rosalyn Chen