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The Little Red Hen Outline

The Little Red Hen Outline
Monday- Erica
Tuesday- Catherine
Wednesday- Ryan
Thursday- Katrina
Friday- ?
Activity: Dialogue Journal Response
Activity Focus: Getting to know the book
Strand(s): Oral and Reading
A) Class Discussion
- teacher creates a visual brainstorming web of the 5 W’s
- students respond to book (likes, dislikes, plot, characters, what they’d
change, themes)
B) Think, pair, share- responses to book
C) Individually, students draw/write their response to the book in their dialogue
Differentiation: draw/write their response depending on comfort level
*** This activity should be explained using the lesson under the first 25 minute
block on Monday and the 40 minute block.
Activity: Role on the wall
Activity Focus: Character Traits (leads into themes)
Stand(s): Oral
A) Class discussion
- discuss character traits (hen, pig, cat) to generate theme ideas
o Role on the Wall- outline of character silhouettes up on the board and
teacher writes traits/roles inside the character (ex: hen- hard
working, frog and cat- lazy)
- 1 minute think, pair, share before responding (gives students time to think
and collaborate with peers if they are unsure)
- wait time (at least 10 seconds)
** need to attach a sample of the character silhouettes
Activity: Classroom Rules
Activity Focus: Themes- 1) work ethic 2) being helpful 3) responsibility 4)
Strand(s): oral, reading
A) Classroom rules: class generates examples of how to demonstrate the listed
themes (teacher records responses on chart paper)
B) Class reads the rules aloud
- 1 minute think, pair, share before responding (gives students time to think and
collaborate with peers if they are unsure), wait time (at least 10 seconds)
- For B (class reading the rules aloud): teacher reads one sentence at a time, then
has the class repeat the sentence following the teacher’s pointer stick at each word
Activity: Helping hands poster
Activity Focus: Real Life Connections
Strand(s): media literacy, writing
- helping hands outside of the classroom
A) Poster: “At home I am responsible for…”
B) Teacher conferences with each student and creates a photostory with
everyone’s responsibilities.
- Teacher writes beginning of sentence and students finish the sentence
o Ex: At home I am responsible for __________________
- Students can add more sentences or focus on drawing
Activity: Create your own ending to the story
Activity Focus: Creativity
Strand(s): oral, writing, drama, reading, media literacy (technology)
A) Groups: create your own ending to the story (act, write, sing, draw) and all
groups present to the class
- groups have a choice in their presentation (act, write, sing, draw, use paint)
** The expectations for Friday’s activity will involve the language and drama