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The Cay by Julio Moran

PowerPoint by Julio Moran
November 2012
Setting and Characters
The main characters are Phillip Enright, Timothy,
Grace Enright, Phillip Enright Sr., and Henrik Van Boven.
The two settings are Curacao and The Cay. Description of
Curacao: It is painted soft colors it is located in the
southern Caribbean islands off the coast of Venezuela.
Description of The Cay: The Cay has a white beach, low sea
grape bushes, and on a hill some palm. The story takes
place in 1942.
The plot line of the story
In beginning Phillip is exited for the war. His mom
wants to leave the island because of the war. They board
the S.S. Hato to go back to the U.S. They get torpedoed
and Phillip gets hit in the head and falls unconscious.
When he wakes up he finds himself on a raft with a west
Indian named Timothy and a cat named Stew cat. They
find The Cay, make a hut, and wait to be rescued. One day
a tempest hit The Cay. After the tempest Timothy dies. A
few days later Phillip was rescued.
Problem and Solution
To get food Phillip and Timothy had to go out on the
beach and fish or dive to get food. Some types of food
were fish, langosta, and coconuts. They got fish by
fishing with the fishing poles Timothy made. They got
langosta by diving and stabbing it with a sharp stick.
They got coconuts by climbing trees. They collected
drinking water by building a rain catchment and
drinking the rain water.
In chp.15 there is a tempest and following the tempest
Timothy dies. The story dramatically changes because
Phillip now has to get food and care for himself.
Acts of Racism
One of the people that displayed racism was Phillip.
He disliked Timothy, he called Timothy a black mule
and a stupid old black man. Another person who
displayed racism was Grace Enright. She disliked the
black people that worked on the schooners. She said
the black men weren’t like them.
Compare and Contrast
Character traits of Phillip: In the beginning Phillip is
rude, racist, and selfish. Character traits of Timothy:
Timothy is kind, caring, and unselfish. They are alike
because they both want to get off of the island. They are
different because Timothy cares about Phillip but Phillip
doesn’t care about Timothy. They are more different than
alike because Timothy is kind and Phillip is racist.
One example of symbolism is the sharks represent the
Nazis and the German submarines. Another example
is the Island Animals. They symbolize people fighting
to survive. The third example of symbolism is the
Tempest. It symbolizes violence in the real world. The
last example of symbolism is Phillips blindness. It
symbolizes the judgment of other people.
A character the showed compassion was Timothy. He
showed compassion to Phillip. An Action the Timothy
took was taking care of Phillip in The Cay.
Author’s purpose
Theodore Taylor wrote The Cay because he hoped it
would bring all of humanity together. He hoped to
enforce Martin Luther King’s Vision.
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