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Power Point Book Project

Power Point Book Project
Slide 1 Title Page
Title of Book (4) ________
Author (2) ________
Publication Year (2) ________
Photo (2) ________
Slide 2 Author
Author’s Name (2) ________
2 paragraph biography (you will have to research) (8) ________
Slide 3 Characters
Two main characters listed (5) ________
Paragraph description of each character and their traits with evidence (10) ________
Slide 4 Genre
Explain the genre of your book. Give evidence to why your book is this genre. Why is it not
at least one of the other genres with evidence (10) ________
Slide 5 Plot
Describe the plot of the book (7 elements) (10) ________
Slide 6 Connection
Paragraph description of a connection you have with the book with detail and evidence
(relate the book to you, another book, someone you know) (10) ________
Slide 7 View of the Book
Describe your view of the book/recommendation. Who should read it and why/ evidence of
why it is “good” or “bad”? (5) ________________
Provide the theme of the book with evidence. (5) ________
Give the author’s purpose with evidence. (5) ________
Slide 8 Annotations
Provide the notes you took while you read (in order) (20) ________