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Consumer Math 2019
Hourly, Over Time and Commission Quiz
1. Receptionist
a. Worked 32 Hours
b. Total Pay : $152
c. What is the Hourly Rate?
d. What is the overtime rate?
2. Juan earns $5.55/hr. How much does he make for 36.5 hours of work?
3. Maya worked 48 hours. She is paid $8.25/ hr. what is her bi-weekly pay check?
4. How many time a year do you get paid?
a. Annually?
b. Monthly?
c. Bi weekly?
d. Weekly?
5. If you have an annual salary of $52,000/ year, how much would you pay check be each month?
6. Commission
a. Commission rate: 11%
b. Month’s sales: $54,000
c. Monthly commission:
7. Alexis sells season tickets to soccer games. The season tickets cost $225.75. She earns a
commission of 16% on each sale. Last month she sold 42 Season tickets. What did she earn for
the month?
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