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Voters Education

What is Election ?
Election is the means by
which the people choose their
officials for definite and fixed
What are the different types of
electoral exercises ?
Regular elections
Kabataan (SK)
Special elections
How often are elections held ?
a. Every 2nd Monday of May for national and local elections
a. President and Vice-President: every 6 years
b. Senators, Congressmen, Provincial, City and
municipal officials: every 3 years
b. Every last Monday of October, every 3 years for barangay
and SK officials
Every 3 years from March 1993 – ARMM elections
What is registration?
Registration refers to the act of accomplishing and
filing of a sworn application for registration by a
qualified voter
Why Should I Register?
To have the opportunity to
choose our leaders
What’s in it for me?
Just like text voting, you get heard and counted.
What are the requirements for
registration ?
One must be:
1. a Filipino citizen
2. at least eighteen (18) years old
3. a resident of the Philippines for one year and of the city
or municipality wherein he proposes to vote for at least
six months immediately preceding the election
4. not otherwise disqualified by law
What is validation of registration?
a process wherein fingerprints of the
voter would be captured electronically at
no expense to the voter
Where should I register?
Comelec office
Where should I validate my registration?
Barangay office
How do I go about transferring
my registration ?
 You may apply with the Election officer of new
residence for the transfer of your registration
 You will be asked to accomplish 6 application forms.
Your Vote….
Our Future
Our voting practices
• Voting by popularity
• Vote-buying
“The Philippines is a republican and
democratic state. Sovereignty resides
in the people and all government
authority emanates from them.”
 We elect our officials directly
 Officials serve for fixed terms
 Officials are directly accountable
to the people
The Government
• Implements programs & projects
• Monitors programs & projects
• Provides basic services
• Performs ceremonial functions
Executive Positions
Vice President
Brgy. Capt.
• Reviews & evaluates
proposals, position papers
• Conducts research on
proposed bills & position
• Consults experts
• Defends & analyzes
proposed bills
Legislative Positions
Board Member
Vice Governor
Vice Mayor
City/Municipal Councilors
Brgy. Councilors
What qualities should I look for?
R - Righteous Governance
I - Integrity
G - Giftedness
H - Heart
T - Track Record
What qualities should I look for?
R - Righteous Governance
How does your candidate decide on issues? How does
he lead his family, constituents? Does he/she make
decisions that promote justice, righteousness and
peace for all law-abiding Filipinos? Or does he/she
decide based on what is convenient for him/her. Does
he/she use his influence as a platform for governing
with prudence and foresight for the good of many? A
candidate who governs righteously does not accept or
offer bribes, and leads an example of eradicating graft
and corruption within his area of influence.
What qualities should I look for?
I - Integrity
A person on integrity is not a perfect individual; rather,
he or she is someone who desires to be accountable to
those he leads. His walk should match his talk, and his
public image must not be a result of a clever media
makeover, but should be based on a solid character of
trustworthiness. If and when he/she makes wrong
decisions, he/she must be willing to take responsibility
for it and not put the blame on his predecessors, or
other people. A candidate with integrity will also look for
positive solutions to problems without promoting
What qualities should I look for?
G - Giftedness
A candidate for a public office must have the qualifications and
abilities necessary to carry out his/her responsibilities successfully.
A candidate needs more than an impressive pedigree or diplomas,
but must also have the strengths, personality traits and innate
capabilities needed to serve in the particular office he/she seeks to
serve in. Some candidates will be good as executives but will make
for mediocre lawmakers or legislators, and vice versa. Others will
be great managers, but will not be as effective in drug busting. Still
others are visionaries who can inspire greatness in those they lead,
but will fail as implementers of their dreams. Be careful in voting for
a previously successful public official. Study the new position he or
she is seeking to fill
What qualities should I look for?
H - Heart
How is your candidate’s heart for God, for people and for our
nation? Does he/she see himself/herself as answerable not only to
people, but to Someone infinitely higher than him/her?
The heart, in my opinion, is the most important characteristic not
only of a leader but also of every single citizen of this country. This
is true because the heart of the problem of this nation is the
problem of the heart. Genuine change should come from the inside
out. Yes, all of us are already tired of lawlessness. Yet, many of us
contribute to this lawlessness. Have you tried driving in Manila?
Have you crossed EDSA as a pedestrian? All of us, not only our
politicians, need to be reformed. To have genuine reform Jesus
said, “I am the way…”
What qualities should I look for?
T – Track Record
Look for your candidate’s track record in a previously
held public office, or if he/she is entering politics for the
first time, consider how this candidate has proven
himself/herself in his chosen profession or area of
expertise before running for office. You need to also be
informed about your candidate’s track record in the
other points of the guidelines I have just explained to
you. Do you see a good pattern of righteous
governance, integrity, giftedness and heart? If you do,
then your candidate is one leader you should vote for
and support.
What is the value of your vote?
• equal chance for a vote,
whether rich or poor
• guaranteed opportunity to
It is priceless!
Your vote will mean:
• better services from the executive
• better policies and laws from the legislative
• a brighter future for us, Filipinos
What must we do?
• Pray
• Go out and register or revalidate your registration
• Encourage your friends to register and to
revalidate their registration
• Help educate your friends to Vote RIGHT.
• Vote RIGHT
• Watch the count, be a Poll Watcher
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triumph is for good men
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