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Geography Activity

Welcome Cartographers!
I’m so glad you have come to help me! I need a map of the world
with the major physical and political features and you’re just the
person I need to make it. Each one of you has a map of a portion of
the world. Using markers, crayons, or colored pencils, please
complete the following tasks in order to create your maps. Ms.
Mihaly has provided two maps for you to use at your desk. If you
have any questions, you can reference the atlas located in the back
of the room or the map in the front of the room.
A person who
creates maps
Thank you and good luck!
1. Using the map provided to you, identify the continents on your map and label them.
2. Find an orientation symbol in your atlas to orient your map (this is called a compass rose). Draw
the symbol and label: North, South, East, and West
3. Using a physical map, label any large land features in our region (Deserts, Mountains, Plains)
4. Using a physical map, lightly color in any grassy (fertile) areas with a green colored pencil.
5. Using a physical map, lightly color in any desert (dry) areas with an orange colored pencil.
6. Using a political map, sketch the borders and label the largest countries in your region.
7. Using a political map, draw a star where you find modern capital cities in your region.
8. Using a physical map, find the major waterways in your region. Label the following: Oceans,
Major Rivers, Gulfs, Seas, Bays
9. Using your atlas, find one other significant feature in your region. Add this feature to your map.
10. Trim your pages around the dotted lines, if needed.
When you are finished with these tasks, write your name on the back of the page and answer the
following questions on the back of the paper:
What is cartography? (hint: the answer is on this paper!)
What was the easiest part of completing your map?
What was the most challenging part of map making?
How could this map help you in studying history or geography?
How else are maps important?
When you’re all finished, please leave your paper in the 6th grade mailbox.
Thanks for your help!!!