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1. HNO3, H2SO4, HCl
The above compound, if dissolved in water will act as ACIDS according to Arrhenius concept.
2. What is the [ H3O+] in solution with [ OH- ] = 1x 10-12 M ?
10-14 / 10-12 = 10-2 M
3. What is the pH of a solution with [ H3O+ ] = 1X10-9
pH = -log [ H3O+] = 9.0
more example;
What is the pH of a solution with [ H3O+ ] = 1x10-4 = 4
4. give an example of a buffer system:
H2CO3 and KHCO3
5. An alkyne is a carbon that contains triple bond.
6. Make sure you know the following functional group:
Aldehyde, Alkene, Alcohol, Ketone, Ether, Thiol, Carboxylic acid, Amine, Ester, and Amide.
7. The dehydration of an alcohol in the presence of a strong acid yields:
An Alkene.
8. In an oxidation of an alcohol to a ketone, there is :
a loss of hydrogen
9. What kind of bonds do alcohols form between individual molecules?
hydrogen bonds.
10. A carbohydrate that gives two molecules when it is completely hydrolyzed is known as:
11. A monosaccharide that contains 6 carbon atoms, one of which is an aldehyde group is:
12. Maltose is a:
13. Galactosemia is the name of a metabolic disorder. the enzyme missing that is needed:
convert galactose to glucose.
14. Hyperglycemia:
glucose level in the blood is higher than normal.
15. The functional group in acetic acid is:
carboxyl group.
16. Which of the following is found in vinegar?
acetic acid
17. Amine contain the element
18. Symptoms encountered in an allergic reaction is caused by:
19. Parkinson's disease is caused by deficiency of:
20. Nicotine, quinine, morphine are examples of:
21. A triacylglycerol that is solid at room temperature is called:
22. The most common type of gallstone is composed of almost:
23. Amino acidsthat are not synthesized in the body are called:
24. In the peptide Ala-Try-Gly-Phe, the N-terminal is:
Ala ( alanine )
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the C-terminal is: Phe ( Phenylalanine )
25. A chain made of more than 50-amino acids are:
26. A completely vegetarian diet will contain all the essential amino acids if it includes:
rice and beans
27. Within hemoglobin, the heme functions as:
an oxygen carrier
28. The function of myoglobin is to
carry oxygen in the muscle
29. In sickle-cell anemia, the hemoglobin molecules
clump together into insoluble fibers
30. The bonds that link the base pairs in the DNA double helix are
hydrogen bonds
31. The base sequence of the strand to DNA comlementary to the segment: -T-G-G-C-A-A-C is
32. What is replication?
33. The RNA that carries the genetic information is
34. Codons are base pair sequences that
code for amino acids
35. The codon is found on: mRNA
The anticodon is found on: tRNA
36. When one glucose molecule undergoes glycolysis it generates:
2 ATP and 2 NADH
37. Protein synthesis takes place
on the ribosomes
38. In order to enter the citric acid cycle, pyruvate is first converted to
acetyl CoA
39. The components of ATP are:
adenine, ribose, and three phosphate groups.
40. The main compound used to release energy for metabolism is
adenosine triphosphate