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To The Manager,
I Rehan Ahmed Allahwala Resident of house; Plot 17/5 NKCHS Karachi Having KE Consumer number AL047013.
On 22nd may 2019 K-Electric has issued new Residential tariff SRO no. 575 under which consumers those
who have sanctioned load 5Kw and above will charge 20.70 Rs per unit in On-Peak (evening 06:30pm to
10:30pm) and 14.38 Rs per unit in off peak.
But unfortunately in our last two bills of June and July KE is not charging us under TOU (TIME OF USE)
copy enclosed for your reference and record. It is very unfortunate for us that KE is not implementing
TOU on us.
My Representative Mr. Talha visited last month K Electric office to resolve this issue and in this
connection KE BAHADURABAD CUSTOMER IBC Said to our representative that we don’t have any written
policy regarding TIME OF USE implementation it will implement from next month but in the bill of
month of July did not implement TOU on our bill.
As above described, we request you to kindly Compensate amount of both months bill or adjust the
amount in next bill, otherwise we will have to take the legal action
Rehan Ahmed Allahwala
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