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Exploring types of Energy
Everyone should submit a copy to this assignment, and everyone should
be working on this during class time. Work in your groups with Hydro
Power, Wind Power, or Solar Power; For this assignment, find
information on the future of your type of energy. Attempt to answer the
Which nation currently makes the most use of your particular type of
energy? Give some details as to their amount of use and any policy they
may have in regards to your type of energy.
—China: hydro power. Wind power. Solar power (In 2013, the country had a total capacity of 378 GW of renewable power, mainly
from hydroelectric and wind power. From 2005 to 2014, production of solar cells in China has expanded 100-fold.)
—The United Arab Emirates: solar power (As part of Dubai Clean Energy Strategy to generate 75 percent of Dubai's power from
clean energy by 2050, Dubai will build the largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project on a single site in the world, which is
expected to begin power generation within the next five years. )
What new ideas are people working on to make your type of energy
more efficient?
Recycle renewable system in each house. Used water push to make electricity and hydro power can make hot from water. Also,
solar panels can use solar power to provide electricity in each house.
Are there any plans in MA to expand upon your type of energy to make
it more available to MA residents? (You can consider what may be
happening in public policy and through state incentives for residents, or
consider any known proposed planning for construction or new
locations to utilize your particular type of energy)
MA can use my plan in each big city. Town and small town cannot use it. Because of economic, small town’s
government cannot have enough money to push the plan. They can use the plan in each mansion and reduce energy.
What organizations or businesses in MA or the US are involved in your
type of energy?
Tesla. SpaceX. Boston Dynamics. Apple. Google. Yahoo.
Write a paragraph highlighting the benefits of your type of energy for
MA residents, and also discuss some possible difficulties with using this
type of energy.
This energy can greatly reduce people's dependence on traditional energy. This also
provides the necessary environmental protection in a limited resource environment. More
importantly, this can reduce the cost of spending for each family's limited expenses. But what
is not good is that this plan requires the government to provide a lot of financial support and
material support. Guided by the government, the people only need to pay a part of the
financial expenditure. Government cannot have enough economic support to the plan.