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Teacher Goal Setting Guidelines

Al-Amal School Teacher Goals Guidelines & Samples (2019 – 2020)
Teacher Goal Setting is an important component of a teacher’s development. Goal setting is designed to focus
teachers and coaches on developing and mastering discrete skills that will impact a teacher’s overall
performance, and in-turn, student achievement.
By setting SMART goals in the beginning of the year and tracking progress toward those goals, teachers can
focus on improving a few specific, high-impact skills rather than trying to improve everything at once.
Teacher development is the most important lever schools can invest in to improve student achievement.
Teachers and supervisors will use the goal setting process as one strategy to improve teacher practice.
Teacher goals should be complimented by continuous feedback, open and honest dialogue, and additional
opportunities for teachers to learn and grow through large and small group professional development. All of
these pieces work together in order to help teachers develop and grow. In addition, teacher goals should also
reflect the traits and elements of Danielson Framework for Learning given in brief below. Please refer to the
Domain charts given to you at the beginning of the school year.
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
a. Demonstrating knowledge of content and
b. Demonstrating knowledge of students
c. Setting instructional outcomes
d. Demonstrating knowledge of resources
e. Designing coherent instruction
f. Designing student assessments
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
a. Reflecting on teaching
b. Maintaining accurate records
c. Communicating with families
d. Participating in a professional
e. Growing and developing professionally
f. Demonstrating professionalism
Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
a.Creating an environment of respect and
b.Establishing a culture for learning
c. Managing classroom procedures
d.Managing student behavior
e.Organizing physical space
Domain 3: Instruction
a. Communicating with students
b. Using questioning and discussion
c. Engaging students in learning
d. Using assessment in instruction
e. Demonstrating flexibility and
Answer the following questions through self-reflection to set professional goals for yourself:
1. What do I want to change about my practice that will effectively influence student learning?
2. How can I develop a plan of action to address my professional learning?
3. How will I know if I accomplished my objective?
Al-Amal School
Goal Setting Instructions
Updated: September 21, 2018
Al-Amal School Teacher Goals Guidelines & Samples (2019 – 2020)
What goals should the teachers set for the year?
School-Based Goals
Instructional Practices Goal
Create assignments that encourage students to become independent learners
Spend more time on guiding students in the process of doing work than on lecturing
Making learning goals and instructional procedures clear to students
Finish grading assignments, test, and quizzes, in a timely manner to provide students feedback
Create an environment of motivation and engagement by providing any extra help that students need
to succeed.
Identify needs for enrichment for gifted and talented students
Create an environment that helps to change the mindset of students about standardized testing
Student Performance Goal – (This should be tied to MCA & NWEA results from last year)
Students will demonstrate understanding of numerical operations in a variety of contexts by applying
appropriate strategies and representing and solving addition and subtraction problems within 20.
Students will raise their writing scores related to textual analysis.
Students will master the use of digital tools for learning to gather, evaluate and apply information to
solve problems and accomplish tasks.
Individual Teacher Professional Development Goals:
This goal should be tied to things that will make your academic year successful and is based on self-reflection
from the previous year’s experiences. These should help in improving your skills as an educator.
Build professional relationships with colleagues to share teaching insights and to coordinate learning
Do more reading to add to my repertoire of instructional strategies and techniques.
Attend seminars, workshops, or conferences for the areas that need to be highlighted more in my
professional career
Please fill out the following goal setting form and email it back to me before our meeting. I will send everyone
a separate email to set-up appointments for the goal-setting feedback. Refer to documents on T:\School
Wide\Teacher Evaluations, for help with completing the goal-setting sheet.
Al-Amal School
Goal Setting Instructions
Updated: September 21, 2018
Al-Amal School Teacher Goals Guidelines & Samples (2019 – 2020)
An example is given below to help you complete your goal-setting sheet.
Anna Tate
Liberty Middle School
Donald Espinosa
Student Performance Goal
SMART goal criteria is used to formulate the
Content & Context
The goal is being written around which
What are the characteristics or special
learning circumstances of my class(es)?
What are the demographics of my
Baseline Data
What are the learning needs of my
What are the assessments or evidence
sources I will use?
Attach supporting data if required.
For the 2012 – 13 school year, 100% of students will make measurable
progress in writing. Each student will improve by one performance level in
two or more areas of the rubric (audience/purpose, idea development,
organization & structure). Furthermore, 80% of the students will score a
“3” or better overall.
I have a total of 98 students in four heterogeneously grouped classes of 8th
grade English.
Twenty percent of my students have IEP’s in reading and writing. A
collaborating teacher works with me daily.
Seventy-three percent of the students at HVMS passed the on-demand
writing assessment which has been identified as a school improvement area.
Each teacher is expected to incorporate writing into the curriculum.
I worked with the other LA teachers in the district to create a common
assessment using criteria from the writing rubric. The data from the preassessment shows that 4 students scored very low, 3 scored very high and
all areas of writing are low. I then grouped the students according to their
scores to see that the low performers averaged .75 in all three areas of the
rubric which is significantly lower that the mid performing group. The high
performing group avg. 4.0 on Organization and Structure, but the other
two groups avg. below 2.
Students will use a writer’s notebook for writing practice, specifically
developing ideas and focusing on specific audiences for specific purposes.
Strategies for Improvement
What strategies will I incorporate into
my methodology/professional practice?
Students will analyze organizational structure of narrative,
informational/explanatory, and argumentative writing and apply to their
own writing.
Students will participate in peer response groups to give/receive feedback
on audience awareness, purpose, and idea development.
Al-Amal School
Goal Setting Instructions
Updated: September 21, 2018
Al-Amal School Teacher Goals Guidelines & Samples (2019 – 2020)
I will implement strategies learned during Rigor and Relevance training
and develop writing prompts for students to use in their writer’s
I will refine my implementation of the standards, researching and
implementing engaging and rigorous teaching strategies that deepen
student understanding of organizational structures and uses in their own
I will refine my use of ongoing formative assessment to impact daily
instruction by teaching students to lead classroom discussions and peer
reviews. I will incorporate these in practice.
Resources and Support:
What resources and support do I need
to meet my Professional Growth Goal?
Teacher Signature:
Al-Amal School
I would like to observe in other LA classrooms and likewise have my peers
observe my classroom during direct instruction and 1:1 conferencing time
with students. I would also like support in developing a feedback protocol
for such observations. It would also be helpful if time could be given to all
of the LA teachers in the district to cross-score our assessments to ensure
that understanding and instruction towards the standards is occurring with
fidelity across the district.
Administrator Signature:
Goal Setting Instructions
Updated: September 21, 2018
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